Where digital presence can take you

Where digital presence can take you 

Do you still hesitate to take on the challenge of multichannel marketing, even though multichannel is the hot topic in digital marketing for the 2020s? If that sounds familiar, you definitely need to check out this final episode in our podcast series on digital marketing! 

Our digital experts, Alexandre Guytard and Olivier Cuvelier, will take you by the hand to explore the content-hungry world of digital presence in less than 10 minutes. Before Covid, digital presence and the content creation that supports it were all too often considered as a cost center. However, since 2020 both have proven to be a significant source of income.  

Today, content is everywhere. And it must be highly personalized to each visitor’s profile if you want to remain competitive in the market. That’s why some of the key takeaways of this podcast are:  

  • share your content on multiple channels,  
  • tailor your message to the channel, 
  • know the concept of “push and pull”.


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