Delaware Consulting launches ambitious ‘Go-to-Wallonia’ plan

Wavre - Kortrijk, 8 September 2016  – Delaware Consulting launches its ambitious go-to-market expansion plan for the French speaking part of Belgium. Under the name ‘Go-to-Wallonia’ (G2W), the company wants to drastically increase its footprint there. Additional investments are focused towards hiring more native French speaking consultants as well as intensified sales and marketing activities.
Market expansion plan ‘G2W’ leads to increased recruitment, marketing and sales investments in the French speaking part of Belgium.

Delaware Consulting – the SAP and Microsoft business consultant – has started intense investments in the French speaking part of the market, by hiring more French speaking consultants and intensifying its marketing and sales activities. As of September 2016, at least 20 French speaking junior consultants will be recruited. Young starters interested in embarking on a career in SAP or Microsoft Dynamics are kindly invited to apply for the many job openings currently available. 

At the same time, sales staff will be strengthened, a dedicated marketer will be hired and the company’s inspirational marketing program « Growing Towards Truly Smart » will be extended towards the Walloon region as well. 

Delaware Consulting has already some solid references in the French speaking part of the country, mainly for SAP implementations at large corporations (e.g. GSK, Spadel, Distriplus). The company now wants to extend that presence, by focusing more on mid-sized companies while also introducing its Microsoft offering. 

Delaware Consulting devised its G2W plan as market analysis showed there is an opportunity for the company to grow there too.