Beyers Koffie automates and streamlines processes with FAST-Food™ by Delaware Consulting

FAST-Food™ template bundles, as standard, best practices from the food industry to automate administrative, planning and logistics processes at Beyers

Kortrijk, 18 October 2011  – This week, Beyers Koffie, one of Belgium’s three biggest coffee roasting companies, kicks off an ambitious ERP project aimed at integrating its administrative, planning and logistic processes. The coffee roaster will implement FAST-Food™, an all-in-one package based on SAP Business All-in-One. IT services provider Delaware Consulting will help implement the software and integrate the solution into the existing shop-floor system and the IT infrastructure of Beyer’s logistics service provider.

Headquartered in Puurs (Belgium), family-owned Beyers Koffie is one of Europe’s most advanced and sustainable coffee roasters. The company distributes products under its own brand, as well as private label products and exports them far beyond Belgium’s borders. “Beyers is active on an international scale, in a very competitive and strongly regulated market,” said Eric Cornelis, Finance & ICT Manager at Beyers Koffie. “Our activities had become too large, too international and too challenging for our existing IT systems to support them. FAST-Food™ by Delaware Consulting, however, includes all the features we need to retain an edge over our competitors. Although it is a standard package, it is a perfect fit for Beyers Koffie, as was shown during a preliminary study. Moreover, Dealware has an excellent reputation and boasts many references in our industry.”

Standard package, food-specific best practices

FAST-Food™ is an integrated package that bundles a broad range of best practices from food companies. In this way, it can automate and streamline all business and industrial processes, from sales, distribution, purchasing and finances through to quality management, production, stock, recipes and reporting. Beyers Koffie expects to raise its efficiency and accuracy, while cutting costs and improving business insight.

360° insight into the business

“Until recently, our manual processes were time-consuming and error-prone. For example, there was a lot of double data input in the different departments. FAST-Food™ ensures that all the data and processes are integrated, so that we always have a correct, real-time version of all the figures,” said Marco Ciaramelli, Managing Director Beyers Koffie. “As a result, we now have a clearer view on cost prices and margins, production and transport planning, contracts and quality, etc. – which, eventually, leads to better reporting. Moreover, we will be able to cut costs for the maintenance and management of our IT platform, as we’re now running one single, central platform, FAST-Food™.”

Starting-point for more automation and innovative tools

“Beyers Koffie has been taking the lead in its sector for many years, by combining tradition and quality with innovation and technology. Implementing FAST-Food™ is a crucial step to safeguard our future. Now that we’ve laid the foundations, we are looking forward to integrate the e-commerce features, as that will allow us to further improve our services to both customers and suppliers,” concluded Patrick Vermaelen, Commercial Director Beyers Koffie.