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Take-over of part of Domo’s ICT department

Kortrijk (Belgium), 11 February 2011  – Delaware Consulting agreed with Domo to take over the majority of the Domo ICT department.

The deal is with immediate effect and concerns the SAP, BI and Systems people who will join Delaware’s existing teams and will also continue to service the customer Domo. As Domo has a renewed strategy for the Domoware application,  their .NET people will stay within Domo.
Domo has chosen Delaware Consulting, a trusted partner with Flemish roots and international reach, because the take-over gives a good perspective for Domo ICT people in service or project work and the best guarantee for stable IT services to Domo.

“It reinforces our own critical mass as well as our relation with our customer Domo”, says Toon Vermeersch, partner of Delaware Consulting.