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Bekaert mobile quotation

Preparing quotations on the go: a piece of cake for the sales representatives at Bekaert

Accessibility, ease of use and guidance are the three key terms to describe the success of Bekaert’s mobile quotation app. Adding a mobile app on top of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement CRM solution led to a huge increase in the number of digital quotations. It has become the favorite app of Bekaert’s Building Products sales reps who actively use it in their daily contacts with customers.
"We work with a limited number of partners. delaware is one of them, since they have the power to help us innovate." — Tom Hautekiet, VP Building Products at Bekaert

The mobile quotation app to the rescue

A lot of Bekaert’s sales reps are constantly on the road. Before the rollout of the mobile quotation app, they had no access to the real-time sales prices when offline, which was inconvenient when customers called them asking for a price quotation.

“Together with delaware, we succeeded in involving the sales reps in the digital story by developing a very user-friendly mobile price quotation app. Today, our sales reps get a price indication on the spot showing a minimum price and a target price, so they still have enough room to negotiate. delaware’s pragmatic and future-proof approach is reflected in the solution: the app has mobile accessibility, has the user-friendliness of a consumer app and gives guidance based on user profiles.”, says Tom Hautekiet, VP Building Products at Bekaert.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: unite people, data and processes


Four clicks

From customer, product and volume to a price indication and quotation in just four clicks: we achieved this by working with profile-based defaults and filters. But we also thought beyond the moment, by improving the internal communication through notifications and by seamless integration with the CRM solution. Hence, the information is immediately available for the entire team and Bekaert can track trends through data analytics.



Intelligent apps: next-gen applications



Following the success of the mobile quotation app, Bekaert now wants to expand it even further. The organization has already added services, but it does not stop there: data science in combination with predictive modeling will give Bekaert insights into things like the price elasticity. And machine learning and artificial intelligence could even be added later on… So many opportunities still lie ahead, but it’s clear that Bekaert is already on the right track for even greater success!

Bekaert qutotation app screenshot gallery