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an easy-to-use Learning Management Tool

Inspire a culture of continuous learning with an easy-to-use Learning Management Tool

User-friendliness is key in any system, but especially in the case of online learning tools. In order to foster a culture of continuous learning within your organization, you need an online learning management system that is intuitive and easy for your employees to use. The Course Home functionality within SuccessFactors will soon be updated to offer smoother and simpler course selection and registration. In addition, completing and assessing courses will become even more straightforward.

Increase your number of course registrations

SuccessFactors is thoroughly redesigning the Course Home interface to better support users in deciding which course to choose. The new design will give users instant insight into details such as the course description, available dates, the number of seats left and – in the case of an instructor-led course – the instructor’s name. With all this information now in one place, users will be able to register in one click. Furthermore, users will also receive an on-screen confirmation of registration providing all the details of the course they’ve signed up for.

Promoting courses through the community

In the new version, users will be able to directly participate in the community to share their thoughts and discuss topics while following an online course. Furthermore, the irritation of additional screens or pop-ups for assessments is being eliminated; all content will be launched in the same window with a clear view of the content structure. This will be a valuable tool to further support a culture of learning and collaboration.

As these features are still in development, they will definitely be part of future release notes, so that’s something to look forward to!
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