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Everything the cloud

WHAT WE'VE READ FOR YOU - Everything really is better in the cloud

Control, security, reliability… Just like traditional on-premise systems, cloud does it too – only more effectively. Owner and CTO of weCreate Zach Lanich lays out the business benefits of a cloud move.

Hesitating on moving your company’s systems to the cloud? You’re not alone. While internal systems might feel more secure, robust and controllable, they come with some enormous downsides. To name just a few, they’re expensive to buy, develop and maintain, they scale poorly and they take a lot of work.

Cloud solutions overcome these problems, integrate with everything, and their total cost of ownership is significantly lower. The internet is full of examples of how cloud technologies have rescued companies from the brink of huge IT-related sunk costs. But is the cloud safe?

“The cloud is no less secure than servers managed internally by your company,” says Zach Lanich, owner and CTO of weCreate. Probably more secure, he elaborates. When it comes to control, it feels nice to have, but companies tend to pay (dearly) for control that doesn’t add any value.

Want to hear more about what Lanich has to say about moving to the cloud – all from a business stakeholder’s perspective? Have a look at his article.