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Do the math first

WHAT WE'VE READ FOR YOU - Don’t just leap into the cloud: do the math first

Companies don’t just pack up their IT boxes and “move to the cloud”; a clear blueprint that aligns with company strategy is crucial to achieve the agility that cloud technology promises.

Cloud is coming into its own as a very strong enabler of agile business in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. However, ‘going to the cloud’ is a serious oversimplification of a significant process. Companies need to ensure that every division, unit, department and function is aligned before considering it. More, the right talent must be identified and developed or acquired in order to properly select and manage the most fitting cloud technology.

From the many ‘flavors’ of cloud to the capabilities and functions needed for a truly value-adding IT department in your sector, there are many factors affecting the cloud choices your company makes. Cloud sourcing must be linked to corporate strategy to effectively gain the agility you need to be competitive.

Despite its many virtues, cloud technology is no silver bullet that automatically leads to more value. It’s the ability to test and learn enabled by the cloud that leads to true business value. Find out more about the IT capabilities your company needs in order to successfully introduce the cloud to your enterprise architecture in the full article.