Java Engineer

What is it that makes your developer heart beat faster? Developing killer apps ? Access to the latest cloud technologies? We’re still developing ourselves (pun intended), but lately we’ve found our groove building cloud-native applications, as a team. You see, plenty of developers at delaware don’t fit the stereotype of the ‘lone wolf’ programmer. Solutions are built together!

Developer at heart, but trying to find that extra oomph? If you’re looking to go back to basics and get more freedom as a developer, this job should be right up your street. Ready to join our squad? 

What will you be doing as a Java Engineer?

There’s no possible way to describe our vibe (believe us, we’ve tried ). Just come talk to Danny, our team lead, and you’ll quickly understand why we like it here so much. Anyway, here’s your to-do list:

  • You’ll help us to outline the future of the solutions we build and the services we offer. Sounds like a pretty big deal, but we’re ready to rumble. You too? 
  • You’ll design and build cloud-native solutions that give our customers a head start in their new digital world – both as standalone applications and as an extension to their ERP.
  • The time and effort you’ll invest into creating new solutions won’t go unnoticed. Our dream is to bring to market the solutions we develop. So feel free to make suggestions! We won’t bite (hard).
  • As a team, we always try to be one step ahead of innovations in technology. This means you’ll conduct research on how to improve our developing services.
  • That also means you’ll help us to identify best practices in quality testing and knowledge sharing
  • Still need some training after all? Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to get you up to speed with Java and SAP.
  • You might have a greater interest in some of our technologies than others, but we’re looking for a developer who wants to make a well-rounded, full-stack contribution  to our projects.

delaware has its offices in Gent, Antwerpen, Wavre, Kortrijk and Lummen. As a Java Engineer, your home base will be the Gent office, where the rest of your team is located. We’ve found ourselves a nice and cozy spot within the bigger SAP Development team. We’ll make sure to save you a seat!

Do you have what it takes to become a delaware Java Engineer?

  • How does ‘cloud-native developer’ sound? Pretty decent job title, right? Whether you’ve ditched the training wheels a long time ago or you’re just starting out in the software development world, you’re a true "cloud believer". 
  • What about ‘consultant’? We’re looking for a passionate developer at heart, willing to get into consulting too. Your innovative outlook will help our customers reach new technological heights.
  • Can you guess which programming language we need you to be fluent in? (Hint: look at the title). 
  • We’re currently mainly using SAP as an ecosystem, so bonus points if you’ve been working with it. We love SAP, but we’re not married to it! We’re also exploring other open source stacks.
  • Do you dare to speak your mind? We’re not looking for ‘code monkeys’. Just tell us when you feel like there’s a more efficient way to do what we do. We want to know.
  • If you’re a team player with a healthy dose of independence and humor, you’ll fit right in. Good God, there are so many inside jokes we need to tell you!
  • It may sound like a cliché, but we’re more than just colleagues. Programming Pals, Code Bros, Development Amigos, whatever you call it – we’ve got each other’s back. So make sure to keep Friday free at noon, because Friday = Fries Day!

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delaware firmly commits to creating an inclusive work environment that empowers all. A diverse workforce is the best guarantee for success for our employees, our customers and our partners.

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