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Customer Experience Consultant

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Is it a technical profile? Is it a functional role? No, it’s a customer experience consultant. A role that combines elements of both. After all, when you build solid customer experiences with SAP C4/HANA, you need both sides of the e-commerce coin.

Every company’s unique processes and solutions should meet the needs of their customers throughout the different buying cycles. To uncover that, companies need a sparring partner who can quickly place her/himself in the shoes of the end-customer. Are you that person? Are you ready to take customer engagement to a next level?
If you get a rash from poorly designed and ‘dumb’ marketing automation and e-commerce flows, then join us. 

What will you be doing as a Customer Experience Consultant? 

  • Your playing field is SAP CX and on it, you and your colleagues build all types of commerce, marketing & CRM solutions for a wide variety of customers across multiple industries.
  • Whatever you do, you continuously place yourself in the shoes of your customer’s end-customer. Your aim? Creating the best possible customer experience
  • You’re often closer to operations than to pure IT. So some of your activities will be more CRM (e.g. user stories), others more technical (e.g. setting up user profiles). 
  • Your projects will be combinations of e-commerce, omnichannel marketing, analytics, customer engagement, automation and personalization, integrations with other (SAP) applications and more.
  • Building end-to-end commerce processes extends beyond sales and marketing; it also touches upon customer services and could even become a source for ongoing innovation.  
  • You’ll often work from your customer’s offices: getting to know a company and their business works best when you’re close together.
  • When you’re not at the customer’s, you’re welcome in one of our offices in Gent, Antwerpen, Wavre, Kortrijk and Lummen.

Do you have what it takes to become a Customer Experience Consultant at delaware?

If you can check a good deal of the boxes below, then we’d like to hear from you:

  • You have some experience with SAP Commerce (Hybris): ranging from e-commerce over websites, from tooling to applications. 
  • You know what works (and what doesn’t) in digital commerce and are familiar with industry best practices.
  • You have some understanding of development (JAVA, .NET or another programming language).
  • You combine e-commerce savviness with functional know-how. In other words, you have a keen interest in the processes that lie behind each purchase and the subsequent customer engagement activities. 
  • You can quickly familiarize yourself with the customer journey and can translate this into an understandable functional description.
  • You combine the best of both worlds, thinking outside-in (“how will this make the life of the end-customer better?”) as well as inside-out (“how can we make this process more efficient?”).
  • You’re a natural born consultant: communicative, collaborative, open-minded, solution-oriented. 

Good to know too: as a company, we take care of our employees and customers, we are committed, enterprising and respectful, and we do everything based on a positive team spirit. 

Want to discover more?

You can find out more about us on our website and blog. You can get a sense of what it’s like to work for us here, but we’re even nicer in real life!

So come see us in Gent, Antwerpen, Wavre, Kortrijk or Lummen.

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