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Has the mystery gone out of coding for you? But are you still keen to broaden your horizons beyond Javascript, C#, and the other traditional programming languages? Do you want to use your IT skills to achieve fast, visible, and customer-oriented results? Then you might just be the perfect fit for the Low-code and Automation team at delaware!

Who are we?


The Low-code and Automation Team at delaware is a small but growing development team of about 20 experts, focusing on web and mobile applications based on low-code and automating business processes based on RPA. Our mission is to put rapid application development (RAD) on the map as a promising and viable alternative to traditional application development. We want to create added value for our customers through fast and visible results, delivered in a comprehensive way. We believe low-code is the way to go.

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    Ellen Deschuttere

    Why join the Low-code and Automation Team?


    By joining the team, you’ll be giving your career a new twist by moving beyond static programming. Low-code is all about speaking and understanding the language of our customers and creating tailor-made solutions. It’s about technical analysis of the architecture, based on a user journey.

    We’re talking about achieving fast and visible results, so each project will last for only a few months. Customer-centricity, efficiency, mitigating risks, changing demands and time-management are key elements of the job.

    What you’ll be doing


    Are you passionate about creating cutting-edge applications? Does your heart skip a beat when you read about how we work? Then you’re exactly what we’re looking for!

    • You’ll create new and exciting low-code applications.
    • You’ll collaborate with the customer, working together on end-to-end projects to build innovative solutions.
    • You’ll take responsibility and share the risk, providing and implementing solutions while also giving your input on how we work.
    • You’ll learn to fly; we’ll catch you when you fall. You can always rely on the low-code experience of your teammates, who’ll teach you the skills you need during training sessions, team meetings, e-learning opportunities, and conferences. Get ready to grow as a low-code developer!
    • You’ll split your time between our offices in Gent, Antwerpen, Wavre, Kortrijk, or Lummen and the customer’s location. This way you’ll build a strong connection with both your delaware team and the customer. The best of both worlds!

    Is there a match?


    Are you eager to understand our clients’ language and give them a fit-for-purpose solution? If so, the Low-code and Automation Team could be the perfect environment for you.

    Your affinity with Javascript and C# has already gotten you far, but now you’re determined to upskill and learn more about state-of-the-art coding, while continuing to apply what you’ve learned by working with clients up to this point.

    If you have a significant bank of IT knowledge, complemented by good business sense and instincts, we’re definitely a great match!

    You should be capable of working independently and be able to reliably handle projects. Fast, visible, functional, and reliable results are your watchwords.

    Let's meet up!


    Does all this sound like the opportunity you’re looking for? Then we’d love to hear from you and learn all about your skills, talents, and motivation.

    Please contact us if you have any questions at all. Click the Apply Now button below, and hopefully we’ll get to meet each other soon!


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