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You are an all-round frontend developer with an obsession for creating the best experience possible. This could mean that you're experimenting with screenreaders and a blindfold, or going for 100 in Google Lighthouse. Or what's your obsession? Talk to us about it!

You understand and can transform complex business and process requirements into a user-friendly experience. Producing clean, readable and testable code is a priority to you, and you manage your own projects like a pro.

You are committed to expand your knowledge by staying up-to-date on the latest technologies, while guiding your less-experienced colleagues in this field.

Who are we?

At delaware digital, we are customer obsessed at the core and on a constant quest for value. We deliver end-to-end services for the digital era so that our customers can connect with their audience.

Our Customer Experience (CX) team is a group of specialists that specializes in information architecture, research, design, front-end development, etc. Within CX, we build digital platforms like websites, e-commerce sites from A to Z, intranets, and community platforms. Our realizations are the results of a close collaboration between developers, designers, functional experts and project managers.

Our agile approach allows us to tackle this daunting challenge with the customer in manageable phases. Delivering an omnichannel experience may be a challenging task, but the right platform simplifies integration and provides a more cohesive and personalized customer experience across all touch points.

Your front-end peers are mostly working from Kortrijk or Ghent, but just so you know: delaware also has its offices in Wavre, Antwerp, Lummen, Liège,

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What will you be doing?

As a frontend developer at delaware you take part in a wide range of (international) projects. These projects can range from B2C ecommerce websites, B2B portals and iOS or Android apps, to custom apps built on top of larger SAP or Microsoft systems.

Working as a frontend developer at delaware means:

  • you are able to work on complex websites or platforms with a lot of visitors;
  • you can convince our customers why they should follow your reasoning. Sometimes you will need to be able to come with hard evidence in order to take a stand, or need to find the middle ground that makes everybody happy;
  • you translate the work of our UX designer and graphic designer into accessible and performant front-end code;
  • you continuously monitor the performance of your frontend solutions within challenging environments and a wide range of devices and hardware;
  • you follow up or experiment with the latest frontend innovations to improve our ways of working.

Is there a match?

Let’s see. If you…

  • have a passion for the web, and a proven track record in frontend development;
  • have a great understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • have experience with TypeScript, NPM, Node,…;
  • have experience or knowledge of .NET, that's a plus;
  • have worked on websites where performance and accessibility was important;
  • are assertive and empathic enough to challenge requirements;
  • are able to take the lead in a project in terms of frontend development;
  • can collaborate smoothly with UX designers, functional analysts, and developers, while sharing your frontend development experience with them to create the best possible user platforms for our customers;
  • have at least a working knowledge of Dutch or French and speak English fluently.

…then you may be the frontend developer we’re looking for

Let's meet up!

Come have a chat with us and tell us all about your skills, talents and previous experience. Are you keen to help us grow our Customer Experience team? Make sure to connect with us if you have any questions whatsoever. Click the Apply now button below and hopefully we’ll get to meet each other soon!


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