Junior SAP Development and Integration Engineer

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Are you looking for a (first) professional challenge within IT? Are you interested in ERP ecosystems and things like SAP, ABAP, SAP UI 5, integration sound like music to your ears? Have you considered a job in consultancy? In that case, you’re at the right address!

Being the biggest SAP implementator in Belgium, we believe you’ll feel right at home. If you’re interested in the SAP ecosystem, you can go two ways.

You can either focus on SAP development, coding in ABAP and SAP UI5 and focusing on the development of new SAP technologies, like HANA, Fiori, CDS views, SAP Gateway, eWM.

Or, if you don’t want to purely focus on development, you can join SAP integration. They are the bridge builders that span the gaps between different IT systems. They ensure that our client’s existing and new systems and teams are connected together seamlessly.

Your development path at delaware

When you first start your job at delaware, we don’t expect you to be an expert in our specific technologies. Patience you must have, my young Padawan!

  • To kick off your delaware career, you’ll receive a few weeks of specific, small-group training. You’ll not only learn more about the tech we work with, but you’ll also get an introduction to consulting skills. 
  • Technology doesn’t stand still, and neither do you! We provide training to keep you up to date with the latest technologies.
  • If you want or need additional training, the delaware academy is there to help you with your professional development.
  • At delaware you’re never on your own. You’ll get a lot of support from your team members, including a personal mentor.

more info about this job?

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Kaylee Surgeloose - Recruiter

Wait, there's more!

At delaware, we…  

  • Have a pretty unique work environment and culture. The #peopleofdelaware live and breathe the five values.
  • Aim to be as approachable as possible. Just tug at our sleeves and we’ll answer any question you might have. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!
  • Are flexible – but no, don’t ask us to do the splits. Our work can take us anywhere, from the different delaware offices to those of our customers!
  • Know there’s more to life than work. We organize team events, a Christmas Drink or the occasional sports day: Nothing better for team spirit than getting sweaty together, right?
  • Offer a competitive benefits package – but you’ll discover that later!

Don’t believe us? Have a look at our blog and scroll through our Instagram page.  

What do you need to join us?

Some of the things you’ll need to get yourself a spot at delaware:  

  • It’s in our (and your!) best interest if your personal values match ours. Do you see yourself fitting into our company culture?
  • With your enthusiasm and ambition you’ll truly make a difference, both for our customers and for the company. Ready to become a consultant?
  • You’ll need a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in IT.
  • At delaware, we walk the talk. And we talk a lot. Can you communicate fluently in Dutch or French, and English?

Does this appeal to you?

Why not get in touch? Just make sure we can see where you picked up your personal super powers somewhere in your cv. Let your personality shine through!


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