The recruitment process: four beliefs for a worthwhile journey #part4

May 06, 2019

For four weeks, we're sharing with you what it's like to apply at delaware. This week, we're taking a closer look at our belief that transparent procedures rock. Missed our third blog, no worries, read it here!

Belief n°4: Transparent procedures rock

By now, you know what we stand for and how our culture is blended into the complete recruitment process, but you’re probably wondering what our recruitment process looks like. We prefer to keep it simple, efficient and personal, while also taking the right amount of time to really get to know you.  

Here’s just a short visualization of what your application journey couldlook like at delaware: 

Application process

We maintain a standardized, transparent procedure: after receiving your résumé and cover letter, we’ll have a short call to get to know you better. Afterwards, you’ll be invited for your first interview with one of our recruiters. This recruiter will be your guide throughout the whole recruitment process. A few days later, we’ll set up an interview for you with the team lead to discuss the job and your future team in more detail. The last step in the process involves an interview with the solution lead. If all goes well, you’ll receive a financial proposal, which you’ll discuss more in depth with your recruiter.

As every candidate is unique, this process isn’t set in stone. We always try to adapt the procedure to your personal needs and preferred speed.

As recruiters, we are only human and we will do as much as possible to personalize the process for every candidate. Some people just can’t wait to start at delaware, but signing someone in four days, for instance, is pushing qualitative hiring its limit. Reviewing your résumé, having insightful conversations and setting up an adequate financial proposal takes time. Remember, we’re in this for the long run, so it is in the candidate’s best interest to take the time necessary to ensure a good fit. After all: you yourself are making an important decision that impacts the start of our very own career at delaware.

Still a lot of questions? Don’t worry, we’re ready to answer them all when we actually meet. Maybe we’ll see you at one of the job fairs that we’re attending this spring? Or you could jump right into the adventure and click that shiny “Apply” button to start your delaware journey!

The recruitment process was fast and my contact checked in with me regularly, to keep me informed about the next step. The interviews could be adapted to the candidate’s agenda.
I liked the fact that the feedback was always honest and straight to the point.

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