Today’s customers are spoiled. Can software help you pamper them?

Jun 13, 2016
As a customer in a world of companies that all want their piece of the pie, it feels great when a company really listens to you and is eager to meet your needs. I am very sensitive when it comes to services and support. Even more, I’d say that services and support matter more to me than the quality of a product. When you purchase a product and customer service is bad or even nonexistent, you’ll think twice before buying from that company again, won’t you?
In the past, customer service was mostly viewed as something that only comes into play when things go wrong: a product fails, a shipment is late or a customer has a question or complaint. Nowadays, exceptional customer engagement is high on the agenda in most organizations, both B2B and B2C. After all, today’s customers are spoiled. They are used to doing – and getting – things their own way. They expect you to be easy to do business with, be better informed than they are, be one step ahead of them and be present wherever they hang out.

This is where SAP Hybris Cloud for Service comes in. When your customer asks for help, you have to be able to understand his needs. SAP Cloud for Service features the highest-quality help desk and call center technology available.

Here are 7 reasons why you – and your entire sales and services teams – will love it:

1. Omnichannel ticket management

First of all, your customers want to choose how to interact with your customer service personnel.

According to an SAP study, half of all U.S. firms offer at least six service channels. It’s crucial to be available in as many ways and places as possible: e-mail, web, chat, phone, social media, etc.

Cloud for Service offers an intuitive service ticketing solution with integration across many channels, for multiple ways to create incidents (via inbound e-mail messages, chat, SMS or social media messages). And don’t forget: be well prepared to provide exceptional customer service at every touchpoint.

2. Knowledge base integration

Customers expect your service agents to always be one step ahead. Your service personnel should therefore know exactly who the customer is so that they can anticipate his needs. SAP Cloud for Service helps you improve your team’s customer insight through automatic recommendations and knowledge-sharing with customers.

3. Service analytics

Advanced analytics features such as prebuilt dashboards and reports help you track real-time service performance.

4. User-friendly

SAP Cloud for Service is designed with the user in mind. Its intuitiveness allows your team to easily personalize it to meet their needs, boosting their productivity.

5. Anywhere, anytime

Customer service agents can manage requests 24/7, online and offline, by harnessing mobile technology.

6. Social Customer Service

Social media has changed today’s customer: 88% of customers are influenced by online customer service reviews before making buying decisions. The Social Customer Service feature helps you leverage social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to engage with customers and help them quickly resolve their own queries.

7. ERP integration

SAP Cloud for Service is 100% integrated into your existing ERP system. As a result, you get instant access to real-time back-office information. Thanks to insight provided by a 360° view of your customer, your customer service team will make the best possible customer service decisions.

My point of view?

I know how crucial exceptional customer service is from personal experience. Organizations have to be available for their customers at every hour of every day. As a junior at Delaware Consulting, I had the opportunity to work with SAP Cloud for Service and I was very impressed by its user-friendliness and rich features. I’m confident that it can help companies to stay a step ahead of their competitors by making their clients really, really happy!


Author: Anne Taelman. You can follow Anne on Twitter (@AnneTaelman) or connect with her on LinkedIn.