Thailand, here we come!

Jul 01, 2015

You are fascinated by the title, right? But please, hold your horses. We’re not going to Thailand in the context of establishing a new company.

It’s time for a mental switch. In order to sharpen our corporate social responsibility, we decided to collaborate with Fund Isaan. Fund Isaan is a non-profit organization that focuses on improving the education of children in Isaan, the poorest region of Thailand.

We were enchanted by this great initiative and have appointed 4 eager employees to support Fund Isaan with:

  • the set-up and maintenance of computer classes and
  • to help local teachers and schools, raising the level of the English language courses.

Nelson Mandela once stated: ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’ Our support can help increase one’s chances in life, let’s not ignore that.

What is the motivation of our 4 volunteers? What do they expect to learn from this experience? We asked Florence, Irina, Yvan and Jelle.

One volunteer cannot generate miracles ~Florence

“Getting the chance to participate abroad in an honorable project. I didn’t need to think it through before making a decision. Delaware Consulting and Fund Isaan can count on me. I’m sincerely willing to offer Fund Isaan a few weeks (what’s in a name!) of my time to help teachers and school children in the North East of Thailand. Of course I’m aware of the fact that a volunteer cannot generate miracles. Nevertheless we need to believe that every bit of help can provide them some grip to a better future. Let’s go for it.

By participating in this project I would also like to step aside from the rigid Western (to do/must do) regime and take a deep dive into the Thai culture. I was recently asked by a wise colleague: ‘How is life?’. The same wise colleague immediately came up with the confronting answer: ‘It’s life.’ But it’s not wrong to sometimes take the chances to spice up your life and to deepen all things that life offers. It’s not all about securing compliance with rules… Let’s break down walls on both sides of the world.“

A positive impact on these kids ~Irina

“Will Smith might not be the wisest man on earth, but this beautiful quote is the perfect summary for my motivation. Thank you, Delaware Consulting, for giving me this unique opportunity to teach English in Thailand for 6 weeks. This is going to be a great experience, because I love to interact with people, especially children, and learning about a different culture. It is also a personal challenge, because it will test my skills in communication, creativity and leadership.

Since I always learn the native language when I move to a new country, I know what it means to learn another language. I realize that it is not easy, but it is empowering and a rewarding way to bond with people. Mentoring and public speaking are my biggest passions, so I am confident I will be a compassionate and interactive teacher. During my stay, the most important thing for me is to have a positive impact on these kids. Whether this is through motivating them, helping them become more confident, or even teaching them a valuable life skill.”

Support the project for 200% ~Yvan

No, this is not a lesson in mathematics, but a mission about bringing people and technology together in order to better prepare the children for a promising future.

When I first heard about this WeCare initiative, I was immediately thrilled. As I also have the full support of my wife it didn’t take long to write a motivation letter.

For some time already I was thinking of how I could assist in helping people that really ‘need’ help and being able to do this ‘onsite’.

Delaware Consulting and Fund Isaan have created the right opportunity at the right moment for me, as I’m convinced that both my professional and life experience can provide added value for this mission.

Additionally as we have been travelling a lot to South East Asia the last couple of years, we have accumulated a lot of affection with the people, the culture, the nature…

I hope that with this initiative we will be able to help and motivate the children as much as possible (and as such their families) to study more and better using the latest tools and technologies.

I’m sure that this project will have a major impact on both their and our lives.

Provide the students with the chance to explore technology ~Jelle

“I’m really thankful that Delaware Consulting offers me the chance to volunteer for 2 weeks in Surin, Thailand. Together with my colleague Yvan, I will be responsible for the installation of computer classes and the repair of computers within schools that do not have the means to hire an IT officer.

We cannot close our eyes for the fact that technology has a significant role within our society. Therefore I value the idea that we can provide the students with the chance to explore technology with the right means.

It’s not the first time I engage myself to make a contribution in order to increase chances for youngsters. In the past I’ve participated, amongst others, in a tutorial project for poor students developed by the university of Antwerp.

Within a few months I will get the chance to help the students in Surin and I’m really looking forward to it!”

As you can see, our volunteers are very excited to make a difference. In turn, we are thrilled to hear their stories upon their return.

Delaware Consulting is fully committed to this project. Besides sending our employees to Thailand, we will also sponsor 2 of the new computer classes that will be installed this year. Over a thousand students will get access to modern computers and the internet thanks to our cooperation with Fund Isaan. Many more will meet with and learn from our volunteers. That’s what we’re all about: giving everybody a chance to learn and make a future for themselves. It’s a win-win situation, Thai students and teachers will learn from our volunteers, but the opposite is also true. Our volunteers will learn many valuable lessons from their students and Thai culture in general. It’s truly a cultural exchange, (re)combining the best of Thai and Belgian customs!

Want to learn more about Fund Isaan? Visit their website ( or like them on Facebook (Fund Isaan).