Shaping smarter businesses

Jun 02, 2016
Everything seems to have become smart, lately. We set ourselves smart goals, the electricity grid is becoming smart, we want to live in smart cities, we call our data smart because we can base smart decisions on them… And of course, we all want to work for smart businesses, because they are the ones that will survive. Is smart the new green and are we just ‘smartwashing’ everything?

Let’s take a look at what a smart business is. Smart businesses are companies that are able to adapt to changing circumstances and contribute to a sustainable future. Change is the defining term for the society that we are living in. Over the last couple of decades the pace of change has accelerated enormously. Technology advances that used to take decades, now happen in just years. The digital revolution shapes opportunities for businesses, but you need to grab these opportunities.

Permanent Reflection

A smart business can unlock new sources of value and boost its organizational performance in terms of a better product offering, lower cost and faster time-to-market with greater impact on customer experience. To achieve this, you need to recombine digital and non-digital resources, instill a DNA of agility and acquire a drive to create meaningful value for stakeholders and society at large.

A smart business embraces a culture of permanent reflection and renewal and defines organizational performance in function of the systemic technology transformation and a continuous search to renew and flourish. Enhancing organizational performance can only be accomplished by combining organizational capabilities with a keen awareness and adoption of digital transformation.

Choose the relevant technologies for your business

Smart businesses will need to evaluate the most recent technology trends, like big data algorithms and advanced analytics, Internet of Everything, deep learning, hybrid cloud, microservices architecture, open trusted data, augmented/virtual reality, robotization, drones and 3Dprinting.

Is there a secret sauce that allows organizations to become truly smart? Unfortunately, there is not. There is no predefined transformation path, but it all starts with a vision on your organization’s role in society and responsiveness to technology trends.

Let’s start a dialogue

We do not pretend to know everything about smart businesses. And the smarter you get, the more you realize how much there is left to learn… What we described above is our own view on what a smart business can be. We would like to open up the dialogue with you. So do let us know in the comments field below, what you think constitutes a smart business. Based on your feedback, we can make let the concept grow. Being smart is not an end-state, it’s a state of being. So it is bound to evolve. From time to time, we will make a snapshot and compare how the concept of a smart business is evolving as we get smarter ourselves together with you …

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Author: Geert Scheipers
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