Getting to know our juniors: the spare time edition

Jan 04, 2017

In our previous article we challenged a bunch of our junior consultants to show us pictures of their latest vacations. As we recently gave 70 recent graduates the opportunity to start their careers with us, there is still a way to go before you’ll know them all!

Today, we asked our juniors to tell us how they spend their free time. And apparently, it’s quite related to the previous topic...

junior consultant


Playing sports is a key part of my life. For me, it’s a way to get rid of my leftover energy and to relax at the same time. Also, I gain a lot of energy from it through the satisfaction that I feel after a successful training session or game. I now play volleyball as a middle blocker after being a goalkeeper in my teens. What I like about team sports especially is the team dynamism; it’s impossible to reach the goal on your own so you have to get the best out of every player.
junior consultant


In my spare time I like playing soccer. When I’m not warming the bench, I can be found on the field as a winger or an attacker ;-) I started playing soccer 5 years ago at KVE Drongen. Currently I am playing at VS Destelbergen. Not only am I passionate about playing soccer, I also love watching it. My favorite team is Chelsea but I am also a big fan of Manchester City (unless they are playing Chelsea, of course).
junior consultant


I chose this picture because it accurately depicts my favorite hobby, working out. I especially enjoy training the muscles around the jaw area, as they come in handy with my second hobby as well: going to delicious burger restaurants all over the world. So far, I have eaten at least one burger in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, the USA, Canada, Turkey, Tunisia, Mallorca, Poland, Austria and Switzerland. Beware, this pastime is only suited for people who also enjoy a salad once in a while. Practice it at your own risk!
junior consultant


Whenever I can, I like to travel and see fascinating things. Some of the best things are seen below sea level, so I started to do some scuba diving. It’s a lot of fun and you meet a lot of interesting people. That’s what I like about diving, going with (sometimes complete) strangers to discover the marvels of nature.
junior consultant


My friends and I like to go to bars and pubs, just like everyone else. But, for a couple of years now, we have been addicted to playing cards, Whist in particular. We play 2 to 3 times a week, mostly before we go out or after a game of soccer. It has gone so far that we’ve already participated in 3 World Championships of Whist. The picture of our team (above) was taken recently at the 2016 event. What I like the most about whist is that it is a mind game in which you can improve by playing more and more. It’s also a nice way to spend time with friends and, of course, to drink a beer during the game.
junior consultant


This picture was taken last summer in Austria when I was on a two-day hike with the scouts. To reach our destination, we needed to cross a mountain ridge. Weather conditions were extremely bad but once we arrived at the top, it stopped snowing and the fog lifted. Finally, we were rewarded for our exhausting climb: a wonderful view emerged. I chose this picture because it represents two of my favorite hobbies: scouting and traveling.
junior consultant


This picture of me was taken this summer in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. I'm not sure if travel counts as a real hobby, but I had to include it anyway. Wandering through unfamiliar streets, hiking in beautiful surroundings, meeting new people, watching the world go by through a car- or train window... Traveling to places near and far gives me an incredible sense of freedom and adventure. If I'm not actually traveling, I can often be found reading travel-themed books or scouring the internet for inspiration and travel deals.


This picture was taken earlier this year in a time zone 9 hours away from here, on a mountain that made its worldwide debut as an operating system in the ‘Apple ecosystem’, named Yosemite. I didn't climb that particular mountain but I did do the Yosemite Falls trails, which is still a mountain climb. Going on these kind of trips with friends and family can entertain me endlessly, or at least until the money runs out.

Fun fact: I keep a list of places and things I want to do, aka the "Bucket List: Just In Case".
Pro tip: Take along friends and family or why not meet new people? It's always more fun to share the experience. Especially the bad ones, they tend to turn out as great stories.
Stereotype: No, I don't use a huge tablet to take photos of buildings. But I did upgrade the vlog camera for a GoPro. I wouldn't be Asian enough if I didn’t pack this kind of gear.
Be advised: When on a trip with me, Big Brother is watching ;).

junior consultant


Since my home town is 10 000 km away, some people may think that I am away traveling all the time and that I should have seen enough by now. However, I am convinced that there is always a place, a landscape and certainly people and lifestyles that deserve to be discovered. Traveling, to me, is a way to understand both the world and myself. A way to build up tolerance bridges, to learn how to enjoy the small things in life, to let life surprise you and to top up batteries and make a fresh start.


I have a couple of hobbies, the one that defines me most is traveling. I love to travel, gain new insights, new experiences, meet new people, new cultures, being adventurous, being open-minded, being challenged,… . I like to explore the world and everything that goes with it.
junior consultant


When it is possible in my free time, I try to go on a trip. This picture was taken on highway 11 along the east coast of Taiwan which connects Hualien with Taitung. This summer I did a tour around the island lasting three weeks together with six friends. One of the many things we did there was a road trip along this highway. It was a very pleasant experience, combining a new culture with some stunning scenery. Next stops on my wish list are Berlin and Canada!


I love to spend my spare time travelling around the globe. Not only can you experience a great diversity of Nature’s phenomena and different cultures, you also get the chance to get to know yourself better and develop yourself as a person. It has shaped me to the person I am right now. It enabled me to always be open-minded and to jump head-first into new adventures. You learn to deal with ambiguous situations, different kinds of personalities and it sparks your creative mind. Nothing but advantages, I’d say.
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