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Just like business is changing, so is finance. Technology can help you raise the efficiency, effectiveness and added value of finance – in every financial domain.

CFO transformation roadmap

Finance departments are evolving to become true business partners. Need an outside perspective to see where you stand on the journey to finance transformation, where you need to be and how you can get there? Discover how our finance transformation roadmap helps.

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accounting, closing & consolidation

Explore how technology can help optimize, automate and streamline as many steps of your bookkeeping, general accounting, closing and financial consolidation processes as possible – to raise efficiency, effectiveness and free up time for value-added tasks.

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controlling & reporting

Advances in technology can help you turn data into actionable insights in cost spend and profit margins – at the push of a button. Read how analytical accounting and reporting solutions make your controller’s life easier, while driving decision-making.

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Learn how RPA tools automate time-consuming, repetitive finance processes and help your team free up time and resources, boost data accuracy and cut costs.

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Need help to master the ever-growing complexity of compliance? Discover how technology helps you stay compliant with product, safety, trade and tax regulations – and even turns compliance into a competitve advantage.

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planning & budgeting

Planning, budgeting and forecasting applications help you accelerate, integrate and improve your financial management performance processes. Explore how technology helps you prepare for the future.

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to helping our customers stay relevant in the face of digital disruption by paving the way to real-time finance business insights
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Future-proof your finance department with our roadmap

The role of the CFO is changing significantly. More than keeping your processes running smoothly, you are expected to create added value for your organization. How do you do that? In this e-book, our finance experts inspire you with a set of approaches, tools and methodologies. Read how to prepare your finance role for the future in four key finance domains: operate, analyze, steer and comply.


Make smart profits with P2P automation

Het rommelt op de finance afdeling. Inkoop en crediteuren zijn regelmatig niet goed op elkaar afgestemd. Collega’s werken in verschillende tools. En data is niet gekoppeld.
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CASH IS KING - Beheers je werkkapitaal

Deze corona crisis laat zien hoe belangrijk het is dat je voldoende liquide middelen hebt om deze ‘lockdown’ periode te overleven! Veel te vaak wordt dit onderschat. Hoe dat komt? Zolang de business druk is met nieuwe verkooporders en uitgaande leveringen wordt aangenomen dat de cashflow wel in orde zal zijn. Lang niet altijd is dat het geval. Hoe zorg je ervoor dat je jouw geïnvesteerde geld zo snel mogelijk weer terug op de bank hebt staan, zodat jouw bedrijf verder kan investeren en doorgroeien?
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3 Key takeaways from OpenText Enterprise World Digital

Once the new normal started to sink in OpenText transformed their on-site event into a digital conference! In case you missed it, in this blog I will give you the 3 key takeaways I took from this event and will also explain what it means for your day to day business.
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