SAP Trainer


When you get the keys to a brand-new car, you probably don’t know what all the buttons are for, unless you read the manual or get some explanation from the sales person. Well, many users have the same feeling when they are asked to work with a new computer program.

In other words, it is crucial for you and your colleagues in the End-User Productivity team to put yourselves in the shoes of your clients. When users receive new or upgraded systems, you ensure a smooth transition to the new working environment and step in to make all users feel at ease. Your mission? Get everyone aboard and make sure that no user is left behind.

Feel like getting everyone on the right track and leading the way?


As an SAP Trainer, you’ll work on a broad variety of tasks. Here’s why:

  • When you think of end-user productivity, training is probably the first word that comes to mind. And that’s right, giving hands-on training and explaining things effortlessly will probably take up a big chunk of the work that you’ll do. It will allow the users to easily get up to speed in the new system. Thanks to your experience in giving training – or in working with SAP as an end-user yourself – you’ll deliver your messages and share best practices clearly and easily.
  • You’re not afraid to think outside-the-box. You’re up for a challenge and are not afraid to give trainings in SAP modules that you perhaps don’t know all that well. You can, of course, rely on the experience of your colleagues if you need help and you will receive training yourself as well to get used to these new modules.
  • Training also means that you keep all training materials up to date. Your manuals will help all users to have 24/7 access to all the relevant information.
  • You can smell resistance against the new system a mile off… and you know how to handle it to make sure that all users are on the same page. You’ll help them overcome their initial fears by applying the right attitude and listening to their concerns.
  • But your job doesn’t end there: you’ll also help our clients to set up the right authorizations in the new system to prevent users getting lost in modules that they don’t need to work with.


Success means that...

  • resistance is low and user adoption is high. Our clients want to see a return on their investment: they invest in new systems and want to avoid outcomes where no-one knows how to use them.
  • our clients can rely on top-notch documentation and training materials.
  • we learn from each other by sharing knowledge and best practices.
  • we keep up to speed with new technologies and skills so that we can keep applying them at our clients as well.


… to be a great new addition to our End-User Productivity team? Let’s see…

  • Do you have at least 3 years’ experience in working with SAP from an end-user perspective or as a SAP consultant? If you happen to know SAP FI/CO and/or SAP WM, that is a definite plus, but it’s not a must. It’s even better when you know your way around in SAP Enable Now, which is SAP’s e-learning tool.
  • Have you already given some training? And do you know how to set authorizations? That will definitely prove useful when you join us.
  • You aren’t afraid to work very autonomously and don’t mind doing research to come up with the best solutions adapted to our clients’ needs.  
  • Are you open to learn new technologies – and to keep developing your skills?
  • Do you live somewhere centrally in Belgium? We want to be close to our clients and often spent much of our time on site, working shoulder to shoulder. Our clients are located everywhere in Belgium – and abroad for that matter. Which brings us to our next question…
  • Are you willing to travel? We also help international clients get the most out of their new systems and occasionally do training abroad…
  • Do you communicate fluently in Dutch or French, as well as English?
  • And do our company values appeal to you? We take care of our employees and customers, we are committed, enterprising and respectful, and we do everything based on a positive team spirit.

If so, come in for a chat! We can get to know each other better over coffee – or tea for that matter.


You can find out more about us on our website and blog. If you want to get a flavor what working for delaware is like, have a look on our #peopleofdelaware page. 

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