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today we have a hands-on and realistic roadmap - we know exactly what we need to do to solve our challenges – today and in the future
Omer Gerson, director of Digital, Analytics and Innovation at Netafim


3 Key takeaways from OpenText Enterprise World Digital

Once the new normal started to sink in OpenText transformed their on-site event into a digital conference! In case you missed it, in this blog I will give you the 3 key takeaways I took from this event and will also explain what it means for your day to day business.
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Protecting the workforce: Essential guidance to ensure a safe environment for warehouse workers and maintain productivity

In the current world we live in, not only are retailers and food distributors determined to maintain operations amid the crisis, but they also provide a vital service to millions of homebound people. While many sites are making policy changes to enforce social distancing rules and get workers to use personal protective equipment (PPE), organisations can improve safety and ensure safe social distancing measures are met by having the right warehouse management system.
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