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First Dutch SAP Demo Jam

Delaware Consulting convinces audience during first Dutch SAP Demo Jam

During its annual congress (16 & 17 April last), the Dutch SAP user group VNSG introduced a popular SAP Tech Days concept into the Netherlands: the SAP Demo Jam. Delaware Consulting had the honor of going first and impressed the audience with a short, powerful demo.

The principle behind the SAP Demo Jam is simple: convince the participants, consisting of SAP customers, IT consultants, etc., during a five-minute demo on a live system. From over 30 entries, VNSG had selected five demos, including that of Delaware Consulting.

The Delaware Consulting speakers on duty that day - Tom Himpe, Philippe den Dievel and Jacko Obels - fulfilled their task with great verve. They brought a lively atmosphere into the room and won loud applause from the big audience. Their demo stood out from the rest on account of its originality and the clear BO/BI performance of the Delaware Consulting systems. After the show, our stand was swarming with people. Conclusion: this demo put Delaware Consulting firmly on the IT-map in the Netherlands!

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