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Rise in employees since 2003

delaware is in continual expansion. Do you have a specific hobby or musical interest? There's surely someone among our 828 Belgian Delawarians to connect with. Our events, internal social media and lunch rooms will ensure that you never miss a chance to socialise.

Awards & certificates

When you join our team, you get to work in an award-winning and certified organization where quality is a given. You'll learn from the best, and get all the chances to take your career forward.


Revenue increase (since 2006)

We're growing rapidly. Very rapidly... In 2015, our revenue was almost 5 times bigger than in 2006. That means we're doubling in size every 3.8 years. Imagine what this could mean for your career.

Number of active customers

Talk about variation. We serve customers in every industry, all around the world. Expanding your horizon starts at delaware.

We need you!

delaware is a young, global consultancy house providing advanced solutions and services to organizations



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