1000eme employé

delaware BeLux welcomes 1000th employee

Kortrijk, 25 September 2018 – On Monday September 3rd, the total number of delaware BeLux employees broke through the barrier of 1.000 employees. On that day, no less than 122 starters gathered to embark on a new journey: the start of their delaware career. Eager to learn from senior colleagues, the starters kicked off the so-called Analyst Boot Camp, with lectures, workshops and training.
Fifteen years ago, delaware’s founding partners’ dream was to create a sustainable platform that lives on through succeeding generations. This year, the vast majority of the starters group consists of over 90 young graduates. 
Our vision and mission is to let the people of delaware reach their full potential, to become their best possible selves.

Interesting statistic: at the moment of the Management Buy Out that created delaware in 2003, the number of employees was exactly the same as the number of starters that joined delaware at the beginning of this month. While the number of people at delaware BeLux crossed the 1.000 mark, on an international level, the company now counts over 2.000 staff members.

After the introductory week, the new hires continue their training on the job inside their respective business units. delaware attaches the greatest importance to training, both at the outset of people’s careers and during their entire time at delaware. “Our vision and mission is to let the people of delaware reach their full potential, to become their best possible selves,” says Patrick Andersen, managing partner of delaware BeLux. “We want to invest in bright, young people and offer them the chance to flourish.”

“We have been on a fast growth track for several years,” Patrick Andersen continues. “To ensure we remain focused, we approach the market through 31 business units, which we call Solutions. This way, we have succeeded in becoming the biggest small company in professional services in Belgium. This moment of passing the cap of 1000 people is a confirmation of our success in the market. We have created a platform that gives us the means to invest in the next generation of ERP, help our clients in their digital transformation and attract a broad skill base of experts that realize real change for the businesses of our clients.”