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UX Designer


Does flawed web design make you cringe? Do you have a natural inclination to question whatever illogical or inefficient steps you come across on a website? Then you’ll understand why it’s no surprise that tech companies focus on creating interfaces for screens and mobile. And why new roles like UX Designer are on the rise.  

At delaware, this is no different. In Belgium, the entire delaware community consists of 1,000 people. We realize that design is so much more than just making things look nice. It’s about making sure that products are structured logically and fit like a glove.

In other words, understanding the ‘why’ of design isn’t a superpower, it's your job. 
Are you looking for a job where you can put your magic to work? Then keep on reading!  


  • Being a UX expert, there’s no hiding behind the scenes: Your physical presence and input are of vital importance during the first client meetings and briefings. 
  • Based on those briefings, you put the customer’s needs into perspective. You strategically analyze whatever suggestions the customer makes and distil his abstract ideas into clear, visual concepts. 
  • Customer centricity is part of your DNA. You defend the only person who is not in the room during the design phase: the customer. On top of a UX designer, we could also call you a “User eXperience Optimizer”.
  • Your input is of great value during and after the presales process. You meet with the sales team to play a friendly game of ‘idea ping-pong’, to ensure that your proposal is in line with the client’s expectations. Afterwards, the development team will use your concepts as a blueprint to build the solution.
  • Asking a lot of ‘what-ifs’ helps you to stay open-minded. You are trained to explore many different approaches to solving a specific user problem. 
  • The project manager uses your design to show concepts to the client. Who better than yourself to demonstrate exactly how user-friendly your design is? Your acquired know-how, combined with your customer-facing skills, are sure to convince the customer.
  • You act as a pioneer in the daily decision-making process: this allows you to start mapping out your own career path. Moreover, you will help shape delaware’s reputation in the UX design market.
  • The uniqueness of your position – as an in-between-er – allows you to bridge the gap between different teams, different solutions and different projects. You are a lone wolf during the design phase, but you return to the pack every once in a while and never lose sight of the ultimate goal  – customer satisfaction.

Today, we have offices in Gent, Antwerpen, Wavre, Kortrijk and Lummen. Since we want you to help us secure a foothold in the Walloon market, your ‘home base’ as a UX Designer consultant will be the delaware office in Wavre. There, you will be surrounded by 40 colleagues who are ready to Go-2-Wallonia with you. Of course, you’ll also spend a lot of time meeting customers, especially in the beginning of a project. 


Let’s see how many of the following questions you can answer positively: 

  • Do you have an extensive portfolio of successful UX projects? Ideally, you will have at least 5 years of solid end-to-end experience in UX design. 
  • Is design the driving force in everything you do? Does your mindset allow you to think out of the box and make abstractions of the existing technologies? Knowing how to design a User Interface is a distinct plus as well.
  • Bearing in mind the end user's perspective, would you consider yourself driven to deliver the best possible product? Your supernatural skills with wireframing tools are essential to that.
  • Are you a team player with a freelance mentality? Paradoxically enough, this is the exact combination we look for in a UX Designer. You are independent and handle responsibility well. 
  • Are you hard to please? Does even the tiniest flaw in design bother you? Great! To us, this means that you don’t mind the – sometimes messy – problem-solving process. You steer clear of the easy way out. 
  • As a UX Designer, are you able to communicate fluently in French and English? Knowing a little Dutch might come in handy as well. 

Were you nodding while reading these questions? Did you feel like you could check a lot of the boxes? 
Even if you couldn’t say YES to all of them, we would still like to meet you!


You can find out more about us on our website and blog. You can get a sense of what it’s like to work for us here, but we’re even nicer in real life!

Your new colleagues in Wavre look forward to meeting you.


Apply now!