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NET Core Development Engineer


Just what your personal beliefs are, is no concern of ours. But when it comes to source code, we expect you – as .NET Core Development Engineer – to be puritanical! Your aim in life is to write balanced, good-quality and clearly defined source code that product developers don’t get bogged down in but, rather, gives them precisely the flexibility they need to explore many other avenues.

Your code is, in other words, not a jungle but a perfectly aligned orchard in which the picking is easy.

For, in our fast-changing world, technological platforms have to be instantly switchable.



If it’s your mission in life to churn out flawless source code, then you’re cut out for this role.

  • You develop the services and build the integration layers between web and mobile apps and incompatible back-end systems. You ensure that: (1) the APIs (application programming interfaces) operate correctly; (2) the web platforms and services can be installed quickly and easily; (3) all the necessary integrations with back-end systems go smoothly.
  • To that end, you get cracking with .NET Core, .NET, Azure, WCF and ASP.Net Web API. The applications that you develop are based on REST, JSON, OData, AMQP, OAuth 2 and OpenId Connect, among others.
  • Due to the nature of your work, you come into contact with many different colleagues and you get the chance to join some widely-differing projects. Part of your role, in fact, is as a consultant for consultants: you advise your colleagues on IT architecture, cloud solutions, Azure and more. So a variety of work is guaranteed!
  • All the more so because a whole host of challenging projects awaits you. It’s not for nothing that delaware is acknowledged as an absolute Microsoft and SAP expert. Many fellow experts will be eager to ‘spar’ with you. Which will keep you on your toes.
  • Do you have some talent as a fortune-teller? You’re able to spot what problems might arise during later extensions to the existing system and incorporate solutions, now already, in your source code to obviate these. You become the ‘Mystic Meg’ of delaware!
  • Did you know that we devolve a lot of ‘ownership’ to our employees? Your estimate of how long something is going to take to develop, is respected by Management. We recognize that qualitative, future-proof source code has to be deeply thought through.



How do we quantify success in .NET Core development?

  • For you: source code that makes life easier, later on, for the product developers
  • For the product developers: a clear, unambiguous basis on which to develop things further, with speed and precision
  • For delaware: a solid base on which we can build further, for our customers.
  • For our customers: speed and flexibility in the development and rollout of extra services and applications.



Are you familiar with .NET Core, .NET and Azure? Do you have the necessary maturity? Are you communicative and are you able, therefore, to explain your approach to your fellow product developers and customers? Do you like to dig deeper once your daily problems have been solved, and you can sit back and think? Are you proactive and do you escalate issues (i.e. take them to a higher hierarchical level) in time? Do you communicate fluently in Dutch and English? Could you embrace our core values? As a company, we take care of our employees and customers, we are dedicated, enterprising and respectful, and we do everything in a positive team spirit.

If you could, do drop by! Over a cup of coffee, we can get to know each other better.


You’ll find out more about us on our website and blog. There, you can imbibe the atmosphere, … although we’re even nicer in real life!

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