Rode Kruis actie

delaware Belgium donates blood to the Red Cross

delaware has heeded Red Cross Flanders’ call to collect more blood. Roughly 200 donors registered for the event, good for about 90 liters of blood all told. On top of that, delaware made a gift of 40 euros per donor to the Red Cross.
delaware’s ‘Blood-giving Day’ is part of the ‘WeCare’-initiative, that encourages employees to labor for good causes. In the initiators’ opinion, the Red Cross was, straightaway, a logical target: “Red Cross Flanders is, after all, an existing customer and partner of delaware. And, in this way, we show our solidarity with our customer’s stance on an issue,” explains Patrick Andersen, Managing Partner at delaware.

Giving blood (or plasma, or blood platelets) is never pointless. Up to 70% of all Belgians will, at some point in their lives, need a blood transfusion but only 3% of the population gives blood. In the summer of 2017 there was even the threat of a blood shortage.
delaware clearly shares the core values of Red Cross Flanders, and helps us to help others, says Karolien Geudens, CFO, Red Cross-Flanders
“There’s a common misperception that, for example, sick people or people on medication, are not allowed to give blood, or that there are inherent risks. But that’s definitely not the case. Only a limited number of donors are turned away, and you can also consult that list directly on the website of the Red Cross,” explains Dimitri Dewitte, the original initiator.

The WeCare-team rolled out the donation campaign across delaware as a full-blown marketing- communications campaign and keeps the data on record. “In similar initiatives about 30% of the people who said they would be donating, actually turn up. For our initiative, that figure was, so far, much higher (63%),” said Andersen.

And it’s not just about blood. delaware, itself, gives an extra €40 per donor to Red Cross Flanders. If all the donors keep their resolve, that comes out at €5,000.

“We’re delighted with delaware’s commitment. A technology partnership need not be limited to just technology – delaware clearly shares the core values of Red Cross Flanders, and helps us to help others,” says Karolien Geudens, CFO, Red Cross-Flanders.

delaware’s initiative runs until the end of January 2018 at the offices in Kortrijk, Ghent, Antwerp, Lummen and Waver. delaware is also developing a new initiative to organize blood- and plasma donations on a more permanent basis for the Red Cross.