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Software is in our DNA

Let’s be honest: when delaware was founded 15 years ago, it was created by software geeks. Even though our company is usually associated with consulting, software is still in our DNA. The interesting thing about DNA? It always consists of two strands – which is why our software strand has become inextricably intertwined with our consulting strand.

At delaware, we don’t want our developers to be slaves to their keyboard. This means we don’t just write lines of code, but join in the client’s thought process. As delaware has built strong partnerships with SAP and Microsoft, we mainly apply their ecosystems, but we’re always on the lookout for new technologies.

Plenty of developers at delaware do not fit the stereotype of the ‘lone wolf’ programmer. We always work together in teams. We’ll make sure to save you a spot at the developer table – whether that table is set at a customer site or in one of the delaware offices. This separates us from other companies who focus more on the conventional body shopping practices. Solutions are built together!

What keeps our heart beating

The software development world is being mapped as we go and grow. At delaware, you’ll ride the waves of technology (and not get swept away – that’s a promise).

We have always been passionate about innovation and truly believe that innovation and technology go hand in hand. For a lot of our developers, that’s exactly what drives them: the diversity and speed of innovation inherent to the world of software development. As we navigate our way through technologically challenging projects, we offer developers the opportunity to work with the latest technologies and programming languages, whenever they pop up.

What matters most to us is the right mindset. We want our developers to be entrepreneurs, to take ownership of the solutions they develop, eager to solve the issues they encounter. As developers, we’re proud of the solutions we’ve built. Do you also take pride in what you do? With a solutions and services portfolio as diverse as delaware’s, we can provide our developers with a renewed outlook on software development as a whole. Let’s find out what keeps your heart beating. Because that’s development – in its broadest sense

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