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SCREEN PERSONAS, SAP tool that customizes your system.


Nowadays, the world is strongly referenced by its visual concepts. It is difficult to understand why it took so long for the SAP screen to receive due importance.

Visual quality becomes a great result, but the solution goes beyond that. We can see that by improving the layout of the screens, the business process is also improved ensuring a variation of 20 to 70% greater user involvement.

In the same sequence of thinking we can see that not only the screens are improved, but also the way the professionals work and are seen within the organization, since Screen Personas is profile oriented. The installation of a ADDON added to an activation note already allows the profiles to be configured and the screens built.

SAP Screen Personas have direct impact on the results of business processes. Several segments were measured and the variation in the main indicators is representative. The quality of the data increases from 10 to 30%, since the simplified screens guarantee less chance of erroneous and duplicated information.

For this same reason, the user's performance doubles and even increases up to 200%.

By removing complexity in filling information, reducing the chance of errors and having a profile-oriented system, the need for employees with SAP training decreases. Generating economy in the global process. This also helps make your system a supportive tool and keep your business really in focus. It won't be more important to have a good professional trained in SAP, just look for the best professional in your segment and this employee will be able to use the system without major problems.

For those who already know a SAP screen, it's very clear to observe the outdated and complicated layout. SAP Screen Personas is a simple mask to install, reinforcing that does not require the purchase of licenses since each company with SAP installed can activate this solution.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Leonardo Da Vinci 

We are SAP Partners (with active participation with SAP to meet market trends) and we have the SAP UX ADOPTION SERVICE KITS (simple and effective implementation packages for Fiori and Personas).
Delaware Brazil has experience in UX, including cases of successful implementations.

 Delaware Brazil has ready assets that accelerate project implementation. We also have the Delaware Marketplace full of accelerators and specific processes for different industries and activities. Our foward-thinking methodology contributes to a process of transformation connected with new market models. Talk to our team committed to the best strategic planning and the quality and agility in the delivery of the developments and achievement in the tests.

What about simplify this screen?


In technology, the user experience and SAP user interface have changed a lot in recent years.

With SAP Screen Personas absolutely all transactions can be completely redesigned, thus, completely tailored to the needs of their assigned groups. This tool allows a high degree of optimization and personalization of access to the SAP GUI. The reaction is intuitive, organized and takes less time than past screens and processes. Deploying SAP Screen Personas simplify the use of the tool and this improves the user experience.

Understand, next, how it works and what is the typical time distribution of a Screen Personas project.

Approximately 60% of the time is dedicated to:

– Identify processes

– Simplify processes

– Analyze data requirements

Then the screens are built and we reach the frame of 85% of the project accomplished, remaining only the automatize of what is appropriate.

User experience is a global trend! The value added is not only about quality of time and productivity or team satisfaction, the impact on profits is also positive and companies start to stamp their personality on all their tools. You can request a visit in your company to know more and even request a demonstration. Your current SAP licensing already gives access to the tool, and you will soon understand why Screen Personas is indispensable to maximize your SAP investment and make your users much more productive.