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SAP FIORI: your business anytime, anywere

More than technology, understanding context is the key to creating good experiences.

Actually, at least 70% of world population is able to be connected anytime, anyplace.

Mobile devices are part of our life and it is being part of our common activities day by day. This results in new habits and new ways of interacting with technology and all of this needs to be reflected in company strategies.

IT must take a step forward and position itself as the leader of this transformation process for a mobile enterprise. Design an integrated mobility strategy for the business strategy, redesigning processes to take advantage of the potential of mobility, creating governance policies for this new scenario and analyzing what technologies, techniques and capabilities will be needed to fulfill its tasks. Cloud computing tools are also responsible for a great gain in mobility. Licensing software in the cloud gives teams access to a more integrated and effective work environment. In this context, information is shared with more agility and security.

Faced with this complex scenario, the evolution of mobility solutions is transferred to a more strategic level, fully linked to issues such as productivity, competitiveness and collaboration tools. 

Directing the question to the corporate market, some points must be observed regarding this evolution: 

– What business areas should we begin with?

– What types of devices will we need?

– Which applications will be most functional?

– Which technologies are most appropriate for each type of business?

– What are the most promising technologies and their impacts in the future?

– What benefits can these technologies bring to corporations?

It's not the strongest of the species that survives but the most adaptable.

Charles Darwin 

We are SAP Partners (with active participation with SAP to meet market trends) and we have the SAP UX ADOPTION SERVICE KITS (simple and effective implementation packages for Fiori and Personas).
delaware Brazil has experience in UX, including cases of successful implementations.
delaware Brazil has ready assets that accelerate project implementation. We also have the Delaware Marketplace full of accelerators and specific processes for different industries and activities. Our foward-thinking methodology contributes to a process of transformation connected with new market models. Talk to our team committed to the best strategic planning and the quality and agility in the delivery of the developments and achievement in the tests.

The UX revolution

Using modern design principles, SAP Fiori provides a role-based experience across all business lines, tasks, and devices

In addition to leveraging the process of evolution in the company, SAP Fiori collaborates with IT managers who need to make fast decisions (often in scenarios of uncertainties) as it ensures greater adherence to the real time process.


– 30% increase in management performance over operational processes;

– 100% strategic data available with analytic apps;

– Rapid identification of areas with established goal deviation;

The advantages continue. The time taken to complete the processes decreases: 50% reduction in the time of launch to appoint hours and expenses and with the mobility offered the time of managerial approval decreases from 70 to 200%.

There are more than 7k applications in the FIORI RDS Library and more than 125 functions serving a variety of industry segments. The Installation follows a clear path going through phases like: Application of the standard > Installation of the configuration > Workflow configuration > Assignment of profiles and visual identity > Verification and preparation SAP BackEnd followed by installation of FIORI framework and security settings.

New mobile devices are appearing more and more frequently and the number of new technology is growing. Failure to keep pace with the growth of mobility, whether as an individual or company, is to be left behind.