Offices worldwide

Do you like Chinese noodles, French cheese or Brazilian coffee? Our 26 global offices give you the chance to broaden your horizon and work worldwide. Welcome to the global village!

offices worldwide

Croissant deliveries

Besides fruit, we also serve croissants and other breakfast sweets every Monday. Dig in!

Degrees of sunlight in our offices

Our 5 open-space offices in Kortrijk, Ghent, Wavre, Antwerp and Lummen offer all the rooms & amenities to make you work as smoothly as possible. 360 degrees of sunlight (or the occasional rainy cloud) included.

Quality office chairs

Quality is a given in our projects, but also in our furniture. Design furniture is omnipresent in our offices and your back will love our quality office chairs.

We need you!

delaware is a young, global consultancy house providing advanced solutions and services to organizations



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