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70 young graduates

delaware Belgium welcomes 70 young graduates

Kortrijk, 12 September 2017 – On Monday 4 September, nearly 70 new employees gathered at the Monserez BMW garage in Aalbeke ready to start their careers at delaware Belgium. Together with all the senior colleagues who have joined delaware earlier this year, they will embark on two weeks of intensive company training. After that, the young recruits will buckle up for four more weeks of in-depth training within their future teams. This marks a continuation of delaware’s efforts to invest in young graduates and to offer them interesting growth paths within the organization.
During the first two off-site training weeks of the Starters Program, the new recruits will receive a thorough introduction into the organization, its mission, vision and core values. 
All the junior and senior profiles are following the same program. “We strongly believe in allowing everyone at delaware to kick-start their careers in the same way. Our values are the backbone of our success, so the better our starters know and feel our company culture, the better prepared they will be on their future career path. We believe that the development of young talent is key to our growth,” says Filip Roels, HR director at delaware Belgium.
 We believe that the development of young talent is key to our growth.

Growing strong

delaware has been on a fast growth track for several years now. In Belgium, a total of 935 employees work for the organization, and that number stands at 1700 internationally. delaware offers young recruits many opportunities for professional development. Over recent decades, delaware has grown from a West-Flemish SME into an international player, offering a broad variety of services. 

“We extend a warm welcome to our young graduates and are looking forward to having them in our teams. Together with the hundreds of other young consultants at delaware, they will shape our future growth. We hope they will soon experience what the #peopleofdelaware are all about!” says Patrick Andersen, CEO of delaware Belgium.