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Alliance Consulting and Delaware Consulting merge; Walloon and Flanders regions join forces

Wavre, Kortrijk (Belgium), 6 October 2010 - The Walloon-French IT services provider Alliance Consulting today announced that it is merging with the Delaware Consulting partnership. With this merger, Delaware strengthens its position in the French-speaking part of Belgium and in France and broadens its solutions offering. Delaware Consulting also becomes the absolute SAP market leader in the Walloon market.

IT services provider Alliance Consulting is a SAP channel partner, with a strong focus on the retail and fashion industries, especially in France. Delaware Consulting is a Gold SAP channel partner and the absolute SAP market leader in Belgium. Until now, it mainly targeted the industry and public services in the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium. By joining forces, Delaware reinforces its position in the Walloon market and in France and significantly expands its offering with solutions tailored for the consumer market.

The merger also makes the Delaware Consulting team stronger. Alliance Consulting employs 75 people at its regional branches in the Walloon town of Waver and the northern French city of Lille. Delaware has 475 employees, 375 of which work in Belgium (Kortrijk and Antwerp) and France (Lyon).

Fully complementary

“We are joining forces with a company that is fully complementary to Delaware Consulting and has really penetrated the Walloon region and northern France, over the past few years,” said Jan Delaere, CEO of Delaware Consulting. “It was surprising and refreshing to discover the fit between both organizations. Moreover, this cooperation is also a great illustration that Walloons and Flemish people can get along perfectly well.”

Consolidate growth

The Alliance Consulting employees will work under the name of Delaware Consulting, starting from today. “Between 2007 and 2010 we have experienced strong growth: from 25 to 75 people. By bundling forces with Delaware, we will be able to carry on growing. Delaware Consulting’s experience in the SME market is a great asset to also reinforce our foothold in the Walloon region and in the north of France. Besides, we will now be playing in another division: that of the large SAP channel partners. In this way, we can target new, large customers, for example in the distribution market,” said Denis Latour, founder of Alliance Consulting. Through the merger, Denis Latour, Vincent Lechien and Eric Hiernaux, who formed the Management Committee of Alliance Consulting, will become partners in the Delaware Consulting International holding.