Senior Network Architect


It doesn’t matter whether they come into the office, work from home or with a client, in one of our Belgian offices or abroad, our 1,500 colleagues around the world expect to have the same seamless access to our network. Every single day, wherever they are online. 

But with people working anywhere and anytime, and with more colleagues joining us every year, a secure and stable network is a big but also exciting challenge. And that’s why we need you. Can you help us to make our network future-proof by connecting the dots and spotting the missing links? 

Together with your international colleagues, you will make sure that the people of delaware can do what they like to do best: to excel at their jobs and keep their customers happy. Do you, just like us, have IT in your DNA? 


Here’s what you can expect if you decide to join us: 

  • You’ll be at the helm of a flexible and international team. And when we say international, we mean it. Your direct colleagues are located in China, the States, France and everywhere else around the globe. They will rely on you to share knowledge and guide them in offering the best solutions to their local peers. 
  • You’re convinced – just like we are – that a network is not only about hardware. To you, data is the new gold. With colleagues working in the office, on the airport or on clients’ premises, you understand how important it is to keep our data safe. Your motto? Safety first! 
  • Do you also get annoyed by the way some customer service agents handle you when you call them? Then you understand perfectly how our users feel when they have an issue with their network. That’s also why you can easily put yourself in their shoes. You will handle their issues with patience and by showing them that you care. Care happens to be one of our core values, come to think of it. What’s the real proof that your network is running smoothly? Happy customers, of course!
  • It doesn’t matter what the people of delaware are working on or where they are, a classic network will not do the trick. We need cutting-edge solutions. You will help us to build bridges between the technology that is already out there, and by what you think is the best way forward. But to make our network future-proof, you know that you can never lose sight of delaware’s growth perspective as well.
  • You will get a lot of freedom to play your part when it comes to innovation. Do you like choosing the best solutions out there? With us, you can do that. Build a compelling story and convince us to follow you where you want to take us.

Today, we have offices in Ghent, Antwerp, Wavre, Kortrijk and Lummen, so you can work wherever you want. We do expect you, however, to visit our Kortrijk office at least once a week. You will sometimes work in our offices abroad as well. 


Let’s see if you can tick most of the boxes below…

  • Do you have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in engineering or computer sciences? Then keep on reading!
  • Can you convince us that you know the ins and outs of network engineering, with at least 5 years’ experience in (W)LAN and WAN? 
  • Do you agree that building a network is not limited to just bits and bytes and that you also need to have excellent social networking skills to get the job done? 
  • Do you excel at communicating in English every day? That’s great. If you happen to know your way around in Dutch and French as well, that is a distinct plus. 
  • Thanks to your experience, you know that a network does not stop running when business hours end. Are you willing to be flexible and work occasionally during the weekend or in holiday maintenance windows? 
  • When you join one of delaware’s most international teams, you will also need to work closely with your colleagues abroad. Are you up for a business trip to one of our offices abroad from time to time? 
  • Do our company values appeal to you? We take care of our employees and customers, we are committed, entrepreneurial and respectful, and we do everything based on a positive team spirit.

If so, come in for a chat! We can get to know each other better over coffee – or tea, of course.


You can find out more about us on our website and blog. You can get a sense of what it’s like to work for us here, but we’re even nicer in real life!

So come and see us in Ghent, Antwerp, Wavre, Kortrijk or Lummen.

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