SAP Consultant Recipe Development

Wanted: a SAP consultant with a deep passion for Recipe Development (RD). Granted, we’re not talking about an entire SAP module here but rather the knowledge about a very specific part of it. We’re also looking for ways to optimally support our clientele, who are (chiefly) in the food industry.

A domain which should not be underrated, for that matter. Correct and proper tracking of every possible ingredient is crucial for all food companies. The desired end result can, you see, only be obtained if all the ingredients are measured out correctly. And making sure that everything goes smoothly, well, that’s where you – as an experienced SAP consultant with a sharp focus on RD – come in.

Your role:

  • You’ll start off on the Production Planning (PP) team of Delaware Consulting. A few dozen colleagues will give you a hearty welcome.
  • Your customers are mainly food companies. The set-up that you create will allow client-companies to keep an overview of which ingredients are being used (and when exactly, in the production process, they are added). A healthy interest in everything to do with the development, labeling and production of food is, therefore, a distinct plus.
  • You write the technical specifications for RD that allow the technical consultants to adapt RD to suit the customer’s needs. You are, therefore, more a functional than a technical job profile.
  • Much of what you do is personalized. Each client-company and each production flow is, after all, different.
  • The PP and QM colleagues are also closely involved in the projects that you work on. It is them, therefore, that you contact the most. If you so desire, you can also be active, part-time, on PP and QM projects.
  • You work on projects within SAP RD for our customers throughout Belgium, chiefly in the food sector.
  • Did you know that you won’t be joining the action, on a regular basis, until after most other (SAP) modules have been commissioned? This is because RD is often implemented once SAP PP and/or SAP QM is/(are) already operational.

Your profile

If the profile below sounds like you, then we’d like to get to know you better.

  • Even if this SAP PP-RD Consultant role seems far removed from what we ultimately see on our plates, it does help  – in our experience – if you have a certain passion for ingredients, computer recipes, labels and food.
  • Perhaps your previous role was in SAP PP or SAP QM? Or did you used to wear a R&D cap, via, for example, SAP Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)? All of which are excellent starting-points for this SAP RD post!
  • Perhaps you’re even a trained biologist or chemist? If you combine that with a thorough knowledge of SAP, then you’re undoubtedly a candidate that arouses our interest.
  • You have ‘what it takes’ to become a consultant: the motivational driver to deliver first-class projects on site at different customers.
  • You are a good communicator, in Dutch and English. A good command of French is a great advantage!
  • Because you‘ll often be collaborating with different teams, both at the customer’s location and within Delaware, you are also communicative, proactive and a team player.
  • You have 5 years+ experience , some of which within SAP RD.

The package

Here’s what we can offer you:

  • varied job with a whole host of interesting projects, inside many different companies.
  •  A steadily rising learning curve and fascinating customer-specific projects: in time, Recipe Management (RM) will be replaced by Recipe Development (RD) within S/4HANA. An evolution that you can witness from the front row and help bring about.
  • The opportunity to expand your knowledge within your RM or RD field of expertise. Who knows, maybe you’ll become the expert in SAP RM / RD within Delaware Consulting.
  • Almost overnight, you will get a lot of new colleagues: besides dozens of SAP PP experts within your own team, you’ll also work closely with other (SAP) Consultants within Delaware. You can turn to them, at any time, with your questions.
Also awaiting you...
  • Many training opportunities, both internal and external.
  • A personal coach who will help further your career.
  • A great future within a solid company with many career-building opportunities: Delaware Consulting has over 770 colleagues in Belgium (and hundreds more abroad) and we are still investing and expanding.
  • An upstanding corporate culture with regular team meetings and teambuilding activities. As a company, we stand by for our core values: we take care of our employees and customers, we are dedicated, enterprising and respectful, and do everything in a positive team spirit.
  • competitive remuneration package.

Help us to broaden the SAP RM / RD product suite. Apply for the post today!!

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