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With more than 920 #peopleofdelaware spread over five offices in Belgium, it’s difficult to know all your colleagues by name. And yet… There are a few people that we all know. If you ask any of us who Christl, Annick, Michèle or Anke are, we will be able to tell you in the blink of an eye.  Working at the front desk, our receptionists are instantly recognized ‘celebrities’.

 As a receptionist at delaware, you are at the very heart of our organization. You are the first internal and external point of contact, offering everyone a five-star service and making them feel at home in no time.

 Are you ready to take your place in the spotlight?



Never a dull moment as a receptionist in our offices. Ready to roll up your sleeves and dig in?

  •  You could see your desk as the main cockpit for the office you’re working for. It’s where everything starts. It’s where you’ll dispatch incoming mail and phone calls to the general office number to the right consultant. It will also be your hub to place orders on behalf of delaware, ranging from office supplies, sandwiches for lunch, our fruit baskets, taxis for customers and colleagues, and, last but definitely not least, to the croissants that make everybody happy to come back to the office on Monday mornings.
  • Besides this, your desk is also similar to a hotel check-in desk. You’ll be the first point of contact for housekeeping questions too. You’ll be in touch with our janitor and cleaning staff to keep our offices and meeting rooms neat, tidy and perfectly arranged. A friendly hello with a big smile? That’s something you aim for at all times. When candidates come in for a job interview, you will help them feel at ease. When they join us afterwards, you’ll also be the first person they will see on their first day. You will give them everything they need to have a great start to their career at delaware, including car keys, computer and entry badge.
  •  And we’ve kept you waiting to the third bullet, but you already knew this, of course… one of your main tasks will be to offer our customers and suppliers a warm welcome.  
  • You’ll be a familiar face for everyone at delaware. And yes, we do mean everyone. You will soon see that people will drop by for a chat at your desk, or even in the corridors, in the kitchen, and perhaps even in the toilets. And most of the time, they will come to you to thank you. We all know that you play a vital role in keeping your office in excellent shape – and we’re not afraid to show it.
  • Another item to add to your very diverse to do-list, is a particular one. With offices abroad, the #peopleofdelaware will need your help to get the right visa for Saudi Arabia and China. You’ll also be a trusted sparring partner for our travel agency.

     But that’s just the start of what you’ll do. You’ll have a lot of freedom to fill in this role and leave your own mark.

     Currently, we have offices in Gent, Antwerpen, Wavre, Kortrijk and Lummen, but you will be working in the Antwerpen office.


Let’s see if you can answer “yes” to most of the questions below. If so, we think that we should meet up for coffee or tea and get to know each other better.

 Do you have a bachelor degree? Check! If you happen to add a first professional experience as well, that’s even better. If you don’t have the degree but do have experience of working as a receptionist, then we’re eager to meet you too.

  • Are you looking for a job where you get to juggle with multiple tasks at the same time? Then we definitely have a great offer for you.  
  • Is eagle-eyed your middle name? Do you think that stressed’ is just desserts’ spelt backwards? And do you look deadlines straight in the eye and smile?
  • Do you like to get a lot of freedom to organize your own work and take ownership?
  • Good morning, goeiemorgen, bonjour. Are you fluent in Dutch and English? And do you feel at ease communicating in French too? It doesn’t matter who you meet at your desk or on the phone, you like to assist them in their own mother tongue. If it’s not Russian or Chinese, of course. Well, you get our drift.
  • Do you also hate awkward silences? Perfect! With your open and relaxed personality, you are easy to talk to and can always put people at ease.
  • And last but not least… do our company values appeal to you? We take care of our employees and customers, we are committed, enterprising and respectful, and we do everything based on a positive team spirit.



You can find out more about us on our website and blog. You can get a sense of what it’s like to work for us here, but we’re even nicer in real life!

 So come see us in Gent, Antwerpen, Wavre, Kortrijk or Lummen.

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