Digital Project Manager/Product Owner


As one of the biggest and most pioneering web agencies in the country, delaware | digital has close to 100 employees and is part of delaware, which employs more than 900 people in Belgium. Our aim is to provide our customers across a whole spectrum of industries an extremely varied portfolio of web and digital projects.

To help us overachieve our goals, we’re looking for hybrid project manager/product owner who - just like a juggler – will skillfully keep all the balls up in the air in both these roles:

  • As project manager you monitor your projects – are they still on track in terms of scope, budget, resources and timing?
  • As product owner you’re the face of the project as far as the customer is concerned – the person who has an overview of the entire situation at all times.

 So if you’re not so sure about joining a traveling circus but you are keen to tackle challenging digital projects, read on!


We offer you a very challenging and stimulating job as a Digital PM / PO with lots of responsibility within a great company:

  • As product owner you’re involved in your projects from start to finish. From the analysis phase until completion, you’re committed to a strong relationship with the customer. That means you’ll spend a lot of time on site with the customer because, after all, it’s always easier to build a good relationship when you see each other face to face regularly.
  • Meanwhile, you’re also a very experienced project manager; you keep a close eye on the resources and the budget and you monitor the timing and progress towards completion.
  • You’re the linchpin connecting all project components – from design to development and from architecture to the integration process. You’re the person keeping all the different building blocks and the associated ‘Bob the Builders’ together and fusing them into a well-oiled whole. Without a doubt, that gives you a pivotal role in any large-scale web project.
  • You bridge the gaps between the customer and the project team, managing both your delaware colleagues and their counterparts within the customer organization.
  • Although you don’t actually do any design or development or UX or architecture yourself (so you’re neither a creative genius nor a geeky techie), you understand the many different facets of the project and draw on your expertise and knowledge to get everyone facing in the same direction. In other words, you’re adept at anticipating the technical, functional, usability and design limitations and will get proactively involved to overcome them with your colleagues, without ever losing sight of the customer’s objective.
  • Your added value lies in your broad scope that transcends the various digital and omnichannel technologies. You’ll be working on a very wide and diverse variety of projects in every conceivable industry, ranging in scale from 150 to 1,500 man-days. You will manage some of those projects alone, and for other (very large) ones you’ll work as part of a team.
  • Thanks to your experience and maturity, you have no problem making clear decisions and communicating them, backed up by sound reasoning, to both your team and your customer.
  • Your main focus will be on large web and e-commerce projects but, since everything is interconnected nowadays, you’ll also have an awareness of the many mobile and omnichannel marketing possibilities.


Does the list below seem to fit you like a glove? If so, we’re keen to meet you! 

  • You already have 5 years of experience of managing medium-sized project teams. For us, an average team comprises around 15 experts, both from our side and from within the customer.
  • You have experience with project management systems and can utilize them successfully to keep control of large and complex projects.
  • Although you’re not strictly a techie, you are very ‘tech savvy’. We primarily operate within a .NET reality (Sitecore, ADAM), so any experience with that would definitely be to your advantage.
  • You’re a product owner whose top priority remains the ‘product’ (i.e. the project) and its satisfactory completion. In addition, you’re a communicative and understanding (yet also bold and resolute) decision-maker.
  • Within a digital context, you are familiar with defining concepts, wire-framing, design, user stories, development, go-live and ‘post-go-live’ support.
  • You’re also very familiar with agile and scrum methodologies.
  • You can quickly immerse yourself in your customer’s reality irrespective of the industry and whether they are focused on B2B or B2C.
  • You can express yourself equally well in French and English. Knowledge of Dutch is a plus!


You can of course find out more about delaware | digital and the kinds of customers we work for.

Check out our blog to read what else is on our mind. You’ll get a sense of what it’s like to work for us, but we’re even nicer in real life!

So come see us in Wavre, Lummen, Gent, Antwerpen or Kortrijk.

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