Business Developer for Luxembourg and Wallonia


Since our start in 2003, we have grown from 120 to 1,500 colleagues in 26 offices. That spectacular growth in number of consultants, was, of course, only possible because our number of customers grew with us as well.

With entrepreneurship as one of our 5 core values, our job is never done. We want to extend our customer database even further. To embark on new adventures. To explore unknown markets with our new technologies and to always be ahead of the pack. How? With a compass that doesn’t just point north, but south, to Wallonia and Luxembourg to be more specific. And with you at the helm to guide us.

Do you have a knack to spot the opportunities that will help us grow?


We must admit that it was an interesting challenge to find the right job title for this role. Should we see it as sales, marketing or business development? You’ll soon see that this role has a little bit of everything…


  • If you feel most at ease in a back-office role, then we’ll have to disappoint you. You will be in the driver’s seat. You know how important it is to quickly change gear if you see a new opportunity. The great thing about this role, is that you will have freedom to shape it and be a true entrepreneur. And that happens to be one of our core values…
  • To infinity… and beyond? With technology changing at the speed of light, you keep track of the latest developments in these areas. After all, innovation and transformation is what keeps our customers awake at night. By coming up with innovative solutions in IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Machine Learning and Big Data, you will help delaware to build a solid network of customers and prospects in the Walloon and Luxembourg region for these domains.
  • You’ll also act as a translator. Not literally of course, but you will listen very carefully to what the customer or prospects tell you in technical terms, and translate that into innovative but concrete, top-notch solutions that will work in the long run. You are able to  join the dots and paint a clear picture of what the future holds.
  • If you don’t like the idea of doing things a certain way, because they have always been done like that, then you’ve come to the right address. Our customers come to delaware because we are not afraid to challenge them. That means that you are allowed to play the devil’s advocate and ask critical questions. 
  • As someone who builds bridges between prospects, customers and Sales, you will soon become a familiar face within delaware, and a trusted sparring partner. You will get to build your own network of peers, enabling you to come up with even better, more viable and complete solutions. It is also how you will be able to always think one step ahead…

It is highly likely that we are implementing a delaware solution in your area right now. Currently, we have offices in Flanders (Ghent, Antwerp, Kortrijk and Lummen) but also in Wallonia (Wavre) and  Luxembourg. And it is on this French-speaking area that your focus will be.


Let’s see if you can tick most of the boxes below… If so, come in for a chat! We can get to know each other better over coffee – or tea, of course.

  • Do you have 3-4 years’ experience in sales or business development with a focus on software, new technologies, digitization or connected devices? In addition, do you know the Luxembourg or Walloon region like the back of your hand? Keep on reading!
  • Do you have a marketing background, a serious soft spot for IT and are you eager to take the plunge into sales? Or are you a sales person who digs IT and has some marketing understanding? Then you’re more than welcome to apply too.
  • Is eagle-eyed your middle name and are you also convinced that good preparation is half the battle?
  • You don’t need to be a technology whizz kid, but your colleagues will turn to you because of your excellent PC skills, especially when it comes to working your magic with MS Office tools like MS-Word, Excel & PowerPoint.
  • Do you communicate fluently in French and English? If you happen to feel at ease in working in German and/or Dutch, that is a definite plus!
  • And do our company values appeal to you? We take care of our employees and customers, we are committed, enterprising and respectful, and we do everything based on a positive team spirit.
  • And there’s one small thing we would like to add. For this job, you will be placed on the payroll of the Luxembourg office, which will offer you some nice tax benefits and a competitive salary.  



You can find out more about us on our website and blog. You can get a sense of what it’s like to work for us here, but we’re even nicer in real life!

So come see us in Luxembourg, Wavre, Lummen, Kortrijk, Antwerpen or Gent.

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