Healthcare IT implementation consultant focused on finance [BELGIUM]

With top-notch SAP systems in your toolbox, you’ll help us guide hospitals through the complete value chain - from design, to implementation through change management and transformation and help them ...

Office 365 SharePoint Functional Consultant [BELGIUM]

As absolute experts, we always deploy the most recent Microsoft technologies. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and help us grow?

Office 365 SharePoint Technical Consultant [BELGIUM]

As absolute experts, we always deploy the most recent Microsoft technologies. Are you the technical whizz consultant who helps us grow?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations Consultant [BELGIUM]

You’ll be in the driver’s seat for full-scope ERP implementation projects. This means that you’ll be involved from the very beginning – that’s when we try to convince a customer that they need our exp...

.NET Core Development Engineer [BELGIUM]

You develop the services and build the integration layers between web and mobile apps and incompatible back-end systems. You ensure that: (1) the APIs operate correctly; (2) the web platforms and serv...

Senior Operations Consultant [BELGIUM]

Are you the Senior Operations Consultant (SAP) who wants to grow along with us?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AX Logistics Consultant [BELGIUM]

You will be part of our delaware AX Logistics team: an agile team of functional and technical experts as well as .NET developers. We strive to provide high quality, integrated and ergonomic solutions....

Data & Analytics Consultant [BELGIUM]

Data is the new gold and we are looking for gold-diggers

Business Controlling Consultant [BELGIUM]

We give our customers the best of both worlds: financial expertise combined with a thorough knowledge of the existing and very latest technologies. We aim to take traditional ERP consultancy to the ne...

HR Software Consultant [BELGIUM]

You can find out more about us on our website and blog. You can get a sense of what it’s like to work for us here, but we’re even nicer in real life.

2nd line IT Service Desk Engineer [BELGIUM]

As 2nd line IT Service Desk Engineer you will be involved in laptop management, installation of Microsoft systems and application software, local network configuration,...

E-commerce Product Owner [BELGIUM]

Do you have much patience when shopping online? We know we don’t.

Paralegal Assistant [BELGIUM]

As a (para)legal assistant in delaware’s legal team, no two days are the same. You’ll soon see that your time spans a broad variety of tasks, taking on administrative as well as legal work:.

Supply Chain Consultant for Cloud Solutions [BELGIUM]

You’ll take pride in recognizing how delaware’s implementations of SAP Business ByDesign allow our customers to focus on what matters – making them unique within their given market.

Service Delivery Manager for SAP solutions [BELGIUM]

The SAP Infrastructure team is composed of SAP BC and IT Infrastructure architects and consultants and positioned in the market as the specialists in the newest SAP technologies. We help our clients i...

SAP Logistics Service Consultant [BELGIUM]

We are the SAP GLocal Services team, a team of more than 60 highly trained SAP professionals, assisting existing customers with the implementation of new functionalities and maintaining existing SAP l...

SAP Service Coordinator [BELGIUM]

You are our customers’ point of contact for all SAP related issues. These can involve single user issues and/or issues at the application level


At delaware we are rolling out the DevOps approach for Sitecore and Mobile, Web & IoT projects. We run Sitecore on the Azure platform and are the only Belgian company that completely automated the rel...

SAP Consultant for the SME market [BELGIUM]

To help as many SMEs as possible quickly reach another level – that’s what we, as dynamic SAP consultants, strive to do day after day. After all, our SME clients want to keep pace with the latest digi...

Mobile Web IoT Development Consultant [BELGIUM]

We are working on the hottest new technologies in one of the most promising and innovative industries: mobile and the Internet-of-Things (IoT), augmented reality, beacon technology, and more ...

Experienced SAP Developer [BELGIUM]

You will be joining a the SAP Technical team, counting around 40 colleagues. Coaching is embedded in the team, there is a general atmosphere of sharing knowledge: from Senior to Junior or from Junior ...

NET Core Development Engineer [BELGIUM]

Just what your personal beliefs are, is no concern of ours. But when it comes to source code, we expect you – as .NET Core Development Engineer – to be puritanical! Your aim in life is to write balanc...

SAP Finance Senior Consultant [BELGIUM]

With us, you’re certain to be involved in a wide range of innovative SAP Finance (FI/CO) projects.

Communications Consultant [BELGIUM]

Are you allergic to limp communication campaigns? Do inconsistent messages make your blood boil?

SAP PP Consultant [BELGIUM]

We’re the leading ERP expert on the Belgian market. Our customers like us because our consultants are more than PP consultants. They are supply chain consultants who see the bigger picture and make ev...

Infrastructure Architect [BELGIUM]

Our Infrastructure related services are not limited to a specific platform or solution. Using a mixture of risk analysis, TCO audits, architectural reviews and strategy roadmaps we help our customers ...

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Technical Consultant [BELGIUM]

The unique combination of the former Dynamics AX and CRM with Azure cloud technology, IoT, Cortana Intelligence, PowerBI, PowerApps, Common Data Model and Microsoft Flow gives us (and our customers) a...

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Consultant [BELGIUM]

We don’t simply implement a new accounting system: we help customers achieve operational excellence in their industry. To do that, we increasingly move towards business consulting. The Microsoft Dyn...

.NET Development Consultant [BELGIUM]

Do technologies as C#, ASP.NET, Cloud … sound like music in your ears? In that case, you’re at the right address!

SAP APO / IBP Consultant [BELGIUM]

As SAP APO / IBP consultant at delaware your role is wide in terms of content. Not only you will be involved in projects from A to Z, you will also get the chance to give direction to and build the SA...

Junior Functional Consultant - September 2018 [BELGIUM]

Technology should be inspiring, and you can help us to make it so. As a functional consultant you’re the one who bridges the gap between IT and the business and who ensures that we actually deliver wh...

Junior Technical Consultant - September 2018 [BELGIUM]

Have you been bitten by the technology bug? If so, you’ll feel right at home with us as a junior technical consultant because we also love keeping up with the very latest technological news and update...

Project Manager SAP for Wallonia and Brussels [BELGIUM]

As a project manager, you are crucial to the success of a project. Great project management is what makes delaware stand out. And it’s how we became SAP’s biggest implementation partner in Belgium.


Are you the SAP EAM consultant we’re looking for? The one who will work with us to help take the service and maintenance organization to the next level for a wide variety of companies? Will you join u...

Java consultant (e-commerce) [BELGIUM]

Ever grumbled when an e-commerce flow got snarled up? Or ever pull out of a purchase decision because of a complete lack of user-friendliness? With Hybris you, yourself, create the most optimal e-com...

Microsoft Integration Consultant [BELGIUM]

Many companies are caught up in a jungle of systems, technologies, apps, tools and more – sounds familiar? When they can’t see the ‘IT wood’ for the trees any more, that’s when you spring into action ...

Junior Functional Consultant - March 2018 [BELGIUM]

Technology should be inspiring, and you can help us to make it so. As a functional consultant you’re the one who bridges the gap between IT and the business and who ensures that we actually deliver wh...

Junior Technical Consultant - March 2018 [BELGIUM]

Have you been bitten by the technology bug? If so, you’ll feel right at home with us as a junior technical consultant because we also love keeping up with the very latest technological news and update...

SAP SD Consultant - Project Manager [BELGIUM]

We – Delaware Consulting and SAP Gold Partner – are seeking a highly motivated SAP SD Consultant. If you can see yourself taking care of the entire SD aspect of a SAP project and also, more broadly, l...

SAP MM Consultant [BELGIUM]

How many companies can you think of where you are actually encouraged to walk around with your head in the clouds? Probably not many – but we’re one of them!

SAP (e)WM Consultant [BELGIUM]

Lots of companies need go abroad to find SAP EWM competences, we are establishing our core project team here, in Belgium.

SAP Integration Consultant [BELGIUM]

Our SAP Integration Consultants are not purely focused on the technical side of things. Instead, they are bridge builders who are quick to span the gaps between different IT systems. They feel right a...

Senior Network Architect [BELGIUM]

Together with your international colleagues, you will make sure that the people of delaware can do what they like to do best: to excel at their jobs and keep their customers happy.

Business Transformation Consultant [BELGIUM]

Our Business Transformation Consultants help define new business models, put the customer centric and/or strip business processes to their very essence. It is by identifying improvement points and com...

Internships @ delaware - because that's how great stories begin! [BELGIUM]

BELGIUM - If you are looking for an internship to complete your studies or just want a first real working experience, even if you don’t know yet which way you want to go after graduation, then look no...


Feel like getting everyone on the right track and leading the way?

Functional ESB/SAP Analyst [BELGIUM]

Keep calm and carry on. That’s our – and will be your – motto. What do we mean by that?

Omnichannel Campaign Specialist [BELGIUM]

Taking into account the marketing objectives and the targeted audiences, you will be defining all communication flows, incorporating all channels - even beyond the digital ecosystem

Information Management Design Consultant [BELGIUM]

Information is the new gold. But the huge mass of information is now creating a new problem: how can you make the ever-growing mountain of data accessible in a user-friendly manner? That’s why we need...

Managed Services Consultant .NET [BELGIUM]

As soon as a Microsoft Office Productivity project – primarily SharePoint and Office 365 – is completed, that’s when you enter the frame.

SAP Quality Management Consultant [BELGIUM]

Quality is becoming ever-more important in a growing number of sectors and areas, such as the food industry for example, and it is therefore becoming increasingly important for us at Delaware Consulti...

SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) Consultant [BELGIUM]

You will be part of our Delaware Customer Connect team: an agile team of digital marketers, visual designers, functional analysts and software engineers. We strive to provide high-quality, integrated ...

Data Science Consultant [BELGIUM]

Deep Customer Connect is a new team within delaware that is more focused on the business level than the IT level. In fact, it combines the best of both worlds. Its aim is to facilitate profitable grow...

Enterprise Information Management Consultant [BELGIUM]

Information is the new gold, as you as an Enterprise Information Management Consultant know better than anyone.

SAP MII Consultant [BELGIUM]

The future is already here and you can help to shape it. With the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) you can start building tomorrow’s world, today!

SAP GTS Consultant [BELGIUM]

In a globalized world, companies that take an intelligent approach to managing their international trade activities have a competitive edge. As SAP GTS Consultant, you facilitate that by helping them ...

SuccessFactors Consultant [BELGIUM]

Are you keen to work with us to make our customers even more successful? As a SuccessFactors Consultant you help companies to provide optimal support to their key asset: their employees. But that’s of...

SAP CO Consultant [BELGIUM]

Fancy being part of one of the biggest SAP FICO teams in Belgium? We - delaware - already have a lot of expertise and know-how in-house! But - with your help - we want to add to that.

Enterprise Architect [BELGIUM]

Interested in filling a unique position? Can you a sketch a picture of the future without sounding like Mystic Meg? If you can, then maybe this ‘Enterprise Architect’ post is right up your street!