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Junior Technical Business & IT Consultant

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You’re a true techie at heart and you want to focus on business & IT? Read on!

In the 15 years that delaware has been around, we have grown from a humble SAP consultancy to the number-one business & IT integrator in Belgium. Today we still have our roots in SAP, where we develop and integrate all modules, but we’ve also added Microsoft Dynamics to our offering. As delaware has built strong partnerships with SAP and Microsoft, you’ll be able to work with all their latest technologies and innovations.

So where do you come in? You love helping our clients bridge the gap between business and IT – but from a technical side. You can either end up in one of our SAP or Microsoft development teams, or move towards the connection of new and existing systems to ensure perfect integration of our ERP within the client’s IT environment.

A day in the life of a Junior Business & IT Consultant

Meet Jonas


Jonas De Pelsmaeker started his delaware journey last year in the SAP development team. After a couple of weeks, he was assigned to his first full-time project. “The technology they used was completely new to me, even though I did a specialization in ERP & SAP during my studies.”


Jonas’ projects


Jonas is currently still working on his first full-time project. “I live nearby so I can cycle to work every day. As this project is on a full-time basis, you gain a very deep connection with your customer.” One stage in the project Jonas will never forget is when he traveled to Germany to manage a go-live: “It’s the point at which code moves from the test environment to the production environment, so in other words the system becomes available for use. There were four of us working on it and we got the job done within the deadline: real teamwork! It was quite an experience and a cool bonding moment. The customer was satisfied, and so were we!”


A typical day


Jonas usually arrives at around 8 o’clock. He works on his tasks, deals with his e-mails and attends some meetings. Then, it’s time for lunch, before carrying on in the afternoon: “We also have team meetings on a regular basis during which we update everyone about the status of developments, and we organize extra meetings if we have to solve a specific problem.” You can opt for a fixed schedule or more flexibility: it’s up to you to manage your daily routine.


Jonas’ team


Jonas is part of the SAP Development team. On average, 2 to 3 people from SAP DEV are working together on a particular project. “There will always be a few SAP DEV colleagues in the office, but most of the time we are on site with our customers, who can be all over Belgium and even abroad.” Jonas continues: The relationship with colleagues within the SAP team is very open.” A big share of his team members have around 2 to 3 years of experience, next to the more senior consultants and lead experts. “That’s a good balance because the more experienced consultants have a lot of knowledge, and it’s easily transferred to juniors this way.”


Training, learning and coaching 


When Jonas started in September, he took a deep dive into a month of training which covered both general topics and domain-specific topics: “At SAP DEV the training consists of one big integrated exercise, during which we look at the different steps and technical platforms with which you can build an app on SAP.” After that in-depth month of training, he set to work on various small assignments with different customers. Recently Jonas himself got the opportunity to give training courses to starters and colleagues about SAPUI5. Knowledge sharing is very important. Moreover, you have the possibility to obtain certifications (via self-study). It’s all about being the link between business and IT, and in that respect you learn from everyone, both functionally and technically.” 


Tips & Tricks

To conclude, Jonas wanted to share some insights he has gained during his first year at delaware

  • Don’t be afraid to jump into the unknown, and take your time: try to figure things out on your own first, but if it doesn’t work don’t hesitate to ask for help.
  • Don't take everything too seriously :)

Does Jonas’ story appeal to you?

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If SAP and Microsoft don’t sound like your cup of tea, don’t worry. We have plenty of other technical teams for you to join. Read about it in our general Junior Technical Consultant vacancy, or maybe you’ll prefer Kevin’s story as a Junior Developer, or Kasper’s as a Cloud & Infrastructure Engineer

Get a sense of what it’s like to work for us here (but we’re even nicer in real life)!

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