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Internships at delaware

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Internships at delaware - because that's how great stories begin! 


We can easily sing our own praises and tell you that delaware is a great business & technology consultancy firm. That over the past 15 years we have grown from a small Belgian firm to a leading international player. And that our growth was only possible because we firmly believe in giving young people opportunities to map out their professional path with our guidance. But, if you ask us, the best way to really get a taste of what a company is like, is by putting it to the test. 

We are up for the challenge – and we’ll prove you why delaware is a great place to work. 

Well, the fact that we currently have more than 2,000 colleagues that enjoy working for delaware each and every day again is already a good start. And as we are talking numbers: delaware has been consciously designed to last at least 150 years. We strongly believe in both the #peopleofdelaware and the future of our company. Wouldn’t it be great if you could be a part of our dream?

delaware believes in giving young professionals every chance to find out what and who they want to become. That’s why we have an extensive internship program in place. If you are looking for an internship to complete your studies or just want a first real working experience, even if you don’t know yet which way you want to go after graduation, then look no further and apply today! We’ll be more than happy to invite you round for a cup of coffee – or tea, we’re pretty flexible –  and to have a chat about what you are looking for in a future job, and a future employer. We’re pretty sure that we’ll be able to find a way to put your expertise to work in one of the many services that we offer. At delaware, you are in the driver’s seat: tell us what you want to learn - and chances are that we’ll be able to help you!

Still not sure? What better way to give you an idea of what an internship with us is like, than by asking some of our recent trainees to tell their story? Read them, be inspired and come and give it a try! 

Shana V. – Functional Microsoft CRM trainee:

            Content: Investigate a new Dynamics 365 feature: Portals

What way to best describe my internship? I learned a lot and it brought huge added value to conclude my education. But what I liked the most, was working within a team. I also truly enjoyed the variety of smaller projects that I worked on next to my ‘main’ assignment. 

Thomas V. – Development trainee:

            Content: Voice commando integration into a timesheet application

I learned a lot during this internship. When I was stuck at some point in the project or didn’t know what to do anymore, I could always count on the help of my colleagues. They responded almost immediately and really took their time to help me.  

Olivier E. – Hybris integration trainee:

            Content: internal project; integration of beacon technology with SAP hybris Marketing and discover and document the POC SAP hybris Profile

I worked on some really cool projects. I think there aren’t that many internships where you get as much responsibility as I had... I had the feeling that my projects really made a difference for delaware! The most interesting part about my internship was that I had the chance to work with other teams (broad scope). I was given lots of freedom to do my own thing: although my coach wasn’t always sitting right next to me, I could always reach her whenever I had questions. 

Donovan D. – Mobile & Web development trainee:

            Content: Github repository manager, a React & Node.js project

My team members and other colleagues were really nice – they were always keen to help when I had questions. I could always rely on my coaches to follow up on my progress and to assure the quality of my source code.

Joshua V. -  Digital Marketing trainee:

            Content: I was part of the digital think team, I was primarily responsible for Google Analytics reporting & managing and reporting AdWords Campaigns. Furthermore I also learned    slightly more about SEO, marketing automation & Google Tag Manager. 

I had an awesome internship with truly amazing colleagues. I learned valuable things that I will really be able to use in my later career. Well, actually, I plan on learning a lot more in the upcoming years at delaware – I was offered the opportunity to stay onboard permanently – and I took it, of course. 

Elout V. L. - Microsoft Infrastructure:

            Content: VPN tunnel migration and internal network projects

Well, I must confess that I’m really not a morning person. My colleagues will be able to tell you that too. But at delaware, they understood that. We adapted my working hours to better fit my natural rhythm: I came in a bit later in the morning and compensated for that by staying a bit later if some assignments needed to be finished.  

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