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International Designer

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Our vision & story


Building a national brand – let alone an international one – is no easy task. Yes, delaware has Belgian roots, but we’ve since expanded our activities to 12 countries worldwide. As a result, our local marketing professionals and designers are focused on creating a unified branding message, supported by powerful designs that have ‘delaware’ written all over them.

As a designer you will be the ‘glue’ binding our international colleagues together. Besides succeeding in bringing everyone to the table, are you also happy to do some hands-on design work yourself? If so, you’re the facilitator with design skills we’re looking for!

What will you be doing as an International Designer?

  • You’ll spend time working as a project coordinator aligning with marketeers, (web) designers, communication specialists and brand managers, both from within delaware and from external agencies. 
  • As the biggest devotee of our branding, you’ll make sure all our entities follow the guidelines and use our templates. Keywords: consistency and uniformity! 
  • You’ll also help to keep our design process running smoothly, think of better ways to share and store our designs and improve our website’s UX
  • As for the actual design portion of your job, you’ll meet up with marketeers to help define their design needs and give advice on how to proceed. 
  • You’ll prepare a set of visuals and templates to ensure local designers don’t have to start from scratch.
  • It all boils down to you knowing the delaware house style through and through. From conception to final delivery – nothing gets past you!

Initially you’ll mostly be based at one of our offices in Belgium (Gent, Antwerpen, Wavre, Kortrijk or Lummen), but if you wish you could also visit the various delaware entities in the longer term (no obligation). 

Do you have what it takes to become a delaware International Designer?

 If you are a seasoned design professional with a healthy dose of team management skills, you’ll fit right in.

  • Do you have prior experience of setting up global design campaigns? Have you been involved in a wide range of marketing projects, from conception to production?
  • Are you a trained project coordinator who knows how to connect marketing professionals, branding managers and designers across the globe? Do you have experience of agile methodology?
  • Are you familiar with UX design? Would you say you’re always up to speed with the latest styles and trends in websites and design? 
  • Do you feel at home with the latest design tools? At delaware we use the full Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign/Illustrator/Photoshop) and Figma (for digital designs).
  • Digital design skills alone won’t do the trick – any knowledge of print design concepts is highly appreciated as well. 
  • Can you capture the essence of a meeting and transform ideas into visually appealing content?
  • Would you describe yourself as a creative, driven and passionate designer? 
  • Are you a team player who asks the right questions, inspires and challenges colleagues to become even better?
  • Do you have strong communication skills and powers of persuasion? Will you convince people, if not with your words, be it with your designs? 
  • Can you express yourself fluently in English and Dutch, both written and verbally? If you speak a little French, that’s fine too.

Want to discover more?

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Just for fun: take a look at our website. Think you could improve its design? If so, drop us an e-mail with your suggestions 😉. After all, our website may soon be your playground!  

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