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Microsoft Service Engineer

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Our vision and story

Who you gonna call when you start a Microsoft project? It’s the Microsoft Core Technology Services team!

Behind every Microsoft system that runs smoothly at our clients, there is a substantial amount of work done behind the scenes - and screens. In fact, that’s the main mission of this team: creating a solid foundation to build on.

 When we say that we cover Microsoft projects from start to finish, we really mean it. We wear our Microsoft Gold badge with pride! At delaware, we have always set the bar high when it comes to delivering continued assistance. That’s why one of our key priorities is to offer clients support, both before and after a Microsoft implementation.

 And that’s where you come in! Can you help us ensure that all things Microsoft keep running like a well-oiled machine?

What will you be doing as a Microsoft Service Engineer? 

Here are some of the things you’ll be doing when you put on your engineering cap:

  • When you know the ins and outs of Microsoft systems, it’s only logical that you assist your customers after they’ve made the switch. Your mission? To provide your clients with the professional service they deserve.
  • As a Microsoft Service Engineer, you won’t just handle the actual infrastructure-related work (troubleshooting, incident management, etc.), you’ll also manage and coordinate your team’s efforts to provide customers with first-rate technical service.
  • Since you’ve established solid working relationships with clients, they’ll see you as a trusted source. They can rely on your technical know-how to help solve any ‘Oh no!’ moments they might experience.
  • So how do clients get in touch with you? They’ll log a ticket and you’ll assess the urgency and nature of the issue, requesting additional information if necessary. Your motto? “Leave no ticket behind!”
  • You follow through on all tickets from start to finish, and either solve them yourself or pass them on to your colleagues. It takes an experienced coordinator to get the right ticket assigned to the right person at the right time.
  • As our colleagues in China carry out the monitoring task, you’ll delegate issues to them as well. Talk about globalization, right? (You don’t speak Chinese, by any chance?)

Today, we have offices in Gent, Antwerpen, Wavre, Kortrijk and Lummen. As a Microsoft Service Engineer, your ‘home base’ will be the Gent or Kortrijk office, where most of your team is located.

But don’t worry, your customers are only one ticket away!

Do you have what it takes to become a delaware Microsoft Service Engineer?

Let’s see if your toolbox includes the skills that come in handy for this job:

  • Are you an ITIL-minded professional with multiple years of experience in incident management? Step-by-step Windows troubleshooting procedures hold no secrets for you!
  • Do you know your way around Windows Server 2008 (R2)/2012 (R2)/2016/2019 and its most common roles and features (AD Services, Print Services, WSUS, File Services, RDS, DNS, DHCP, etc.)?
  • Would you say you have strong working knowledge of SQL Server 2016/2017 and System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2012/2016/2018?
  • Have you developed some top-notch networking skills? With your knowledge of VPNs, understanding of MPLS, WAN and SDWAN solutions (Cisco Meraki), you’ll be a great addition to the team. A CCNA certification would be big plus.
  • What about Microsoft Azure? We’re looking for someone with a genuine interest in Azure networking (Virtual Networks and subnets, Virtual Network Gateways, Local Network Gateways), Azure Recovery Services, Virtual Machine Deployment, Azure Automation, ARM templating and the use of Azure CLI. Already Azure-certified? Even better!
  • Curious to see what our customers’ actual IT landscapes looks like? If you know a thing or two about on-prem hardware (storage boxes, fiber channels, routers, switches, firewalls, ESX servers, etc.), you’ll feel right at home during on-site client meetings!
  • Can you get your message across loud and clear, in spoken as well as written English?
  • Can you keep your cool if the production system is down? Instead of panicking, you’ll take the correct steps and confidently guide your clients towards a solution. Customers trust that you’re punctual and available

 Quite the list, isn’t it? We’d love to meet you and run through it together!

Want to discover more?

You can find out more about us on our website. You can get a sense of what it’s like to work for us here, but we’re even nicer in real life!

 Are you keen to help us grow our Microsoft Core Technology Services team? Click the Apply Now button below and hopefully we’ll get to meet each other soon!

Is there anything that we forgot to tell you? Do you have questions about this vacancy or in general? Please feel free to contact us by e-mail, we really want to hear from you!

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